Spacers Announces NFT Sale

Spacers, RMRK, in collaboration with the Subsocial team, announced the sale of Spancers NFT. All Kanaria owners with Kokopelli jewellery can participate in the pre-sale. If we get to know the collection; 

Spacers is an advanced NFT collection of 10,000 equipable robots from outer space. The collection includes primary and secondary pieces. Each secondary piece has various slots that other NFTs can be equipped with. Pieces of equipment like weapons, handicrafts, belts, headgear etc.  

The Story

In a dystopian 2076, the last remaining company, Social News United, has taken over people’s minds, erasing democracy and freedom of expression from human reality. A team of humanoid robots is sent by the Galactic Council to fight against oppression in the galaxy. They have been called the champions of free speech because of their heroic behavior.

Rarities and Pricing

Marine— 9,000 max supply; 6 equippable slots (5 MOVR)

Officer – 900 max supply; 7 equippable slots (20 MOVR)

Captain – 90 max supply; 8 equippable slots (100 MOVR)

Admiral – 10 max supply; 9 equippable slots (500 MOVR)


Spacer NFTs also serve as VIP tickets to the Subsocial ecosystem, providing premium features for holders.

Depending on the rarity of the NFT you purchased, having a collectable allows you to take advantage of the following: 

  • Free energy on Subsocial
  • Premium Sub.ID features
  • Free .spacer Dotsama Domain
  • Access to the Spacer DAO
  • Increased visibility of posts


All Spacer NFT parts will first be sold as Pods with unknown identities. After the sale, all compartments will be opened to reveal the unique Spacer, which has a unique body and an unknown combination of equipment. Spacer’s NFT sale will consist of a total of 3 stages. Rounds; 

FIRST ROUND — Kokopelli gem holders

Only those who qualify for early access by selling Kokopelli jewels will be able to participate in this round. Kokopelli Round October 26th at 2 PM UTC — October 29th at 2 PM UTC.

SECOND ROUND – Early Supporters

This tour will be for select early supporters of Subsocial and certain Dotsama communities. Eligible participants will be informed about their eligibility for this tour. The round will start on October 29th at 2 PM UTC and last until November 1st at 2 PM UTC. 


The final round will be open to everyone and will run from 14:00 UTC on November 1 to 14:00 UTC on December 20. All Pods that have not been sold until then will be divided between the SpacerDAO treasury and the Sobsocial team, and 70% will go to the SpacerDAO treasury.  

About RMRK

RMRK is a next-generation NFT protocol that equips NFTs with superpowers, making it possible for NFTs to own other NFTs, change based on conditions, have multiple outputs depending on the context, accept emojis, and more.

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