Satoshi Solutions: A.K.A Crypto Recruiter

Satoshi Solutions is a company focused on recruitment of crypto companies. If I am a professional Solidity developer, I can search suitable jobs from their website. If you are specialized in blockchain technologies, it can be hard for you to find the job which is the exact match with your profession.

When I search about them, I see they have different styles to catch a talent. Sometimes, the talent you seek can be asocial, hard to find. That kinds of people can make a company strive, but how to find them? That is the part which catches my interest. I can always find a basic solidity developer, but a person to run my developer team, nope. It should not be that easy. So that is the part to go find your talent with Satoshi Solutions.

As the name is, Satoshi Solutions, they solve your problem in the right way. They understand the hiring process & first team of a startup is a very important point. You can read their explanation about them from clicking here.
Image-1: Satoshi Solution’s Website, Jobs Section –

Their website is pretty basic but what they do is basic too. Importance is, how they are doing it. To quote website, “Satoshi Solutions is truly borderless, working with clients and candidates in every corner of the world. Whether it’s developers in India, the USA or Brazil. Marketing in Singapore, the Middle East or the U.K. we have you covered.” Nowadays, only countries have borders, not the people. So why to work with the person near you when there is more talented is accessible? That is surely an important point. If we are saying that blockchain is decentralized, we should be too.

Their Team as follows;

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 Satoshi Solutions has a great vision and the are necessary company for blockchain ecosystem. Your employees define your company. You have to be careful while hiring. They seem to have a great team to ensure that you find the right person. You can check their website by clicking here.


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