QUIVR Obtains $3,55 Million in Seed Funding Round

Image 1 : Quıvr Logo
Image 1 : Quıvr Logo

Quivr is a decentralized social platform that makes it possible for individuals to access their true digital identity through authentication and authentication. Platform managers announced that $3.55 million was raised in the completed seed funding round. This investment, led by Infinity Ventures Crypto, with the participation of Jason Zeng (Tencent Co-Founder), C2 Ventures, Sfermion and FBG Capital, will be used to promote the platform to the public and will give users the opportunity to create their own social charts. It will also serve as a ‘Digital Resume’ that verifies their interests and behavior through badges. With this funding, it will allow Quivr to achieve its goal of making the digital world more humane and reliable, which is its goal. Quivr aims to allow everyone to represent their true offline self online as completely as possible.

About Investing

The Quivr platform was founded by the managers of Pearpop, Bridgewater, Vivun. Directly to other social platforms (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotfy, etc.) will verify consumers’ personal interests/online footprints through a connected mobile application. When users request verification badges, they will be printed on their NFT and saved on the blockchain.

Application features will include ; 

  • It is interoperable with multiple social charts and connects to a single portable wallet
  • On-chain badge system to verify expertise, credentials, activities and passions
  • Gamification to unlock rare and unique badges for personal achievements

“At Quivr, our mission is to create a secure digital identity supported by you so that everyone represents their most complete self online and offline. We are working to make the digital world a more human world; we believe that people are best understood and represented when we embrace all parts of our human identity. Quivr allows people to express their unique selves on the web with a reliable layer of verification.” Raymond Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Quivr, said.

The Quivr platform, which verifies your real identity with unique badges, collects data from all social networks to create a single place where users can be their most original selves. It will influence the web3 world by creating a universal social identity for the digital audience. By the end of this year, users will have the opportunity to use their badges and credentials to get access to artists, special events and other incentives compatible with system-verified interests, most of the relevant communities, DAOs and NFTs. The updated version will also include ; 

  • Social consent protocol to enable user-generated consensus validation 
  • Query and Monetization Engine for micro-targeting real fans and customers for brands and artists

“Quivr will allow us to stand apart from other musicians in this field by identifying and segmenting our superfans on both web2 and web3 channels.” said Dean Wilson and Deadmau5 (720mau5).

Quıvr Website
Quıvr Website

About Quivr 

Quivr is an interoperable verification and social consent protocol for users to verify and validate their digital narrative. The platform integrates the main features of social graph data in a completely original way, allowing users to more holistically represent themselves online. It was founded by a team of proven entrepreneurs with more than half a dozen successful new companies and more than 150 mobile applications to their credit.

About Infinity Ventures Crypto

Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) was founded to strengthen and invest in leading GameFi, DeFi and Web3 startups. The fund’s partners have invested in crypto assets since 2015 and guide companies in a rapidly developing environment. IVC, the most active crypto VC in Asia with more than 160 portfolio investments since August 2021, has made numerous strategic investments in a wide variety of startups, including Yield Guild Games (YGG) and Japanese yen stablecoin JPYC. Powered by Animoca Brands, Digital Currency Group, Circle, SEGA and more. IVC aims to innovate, build and launch forward for the next generation of founders.


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