PROOF Announces $50 Million Series A

Image 1 : Proof Website
Image 1 : Proof Website

Los Angeles, California, August 30, 2022- PROOF is the NFT collective founded by serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Kevin Rose. Proof works for a future in which NFT collections Deconstruct benefits and collaboration between communities, while simultaneously diversifying and connecting the NFT space for artists, collectors and enthusiasts. MoonBirds first class, collective and also the proof of collections NFT’ s success with a project that has proven itself to new mechs, new models for public incentives and continuing NFT has become one of the most exciting brands with benefits.

Future PROOF, a live-streamed community event moderated by co-founder and CEO Kevin Rose, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Justin Mezell, and Product Director Harri Thomas celebrating the beginning of the last six months, has been released. They shared plans to expand Proof’s ecosystem and many parts of it. The presentation revealed what’s on the agenda for PROOF by the end of the year, including support for CC0 collections, updates on the upcoming MoonBirds DAO, and PROOF’s third NFT collection; MoonBirds Mythics. Proof shared new information about the technology behind the Web3 platform and announced that it had obtained a Series A for $50 million.

Regarding the Serie A Round 

Future Proof provided a nice insight into the company’s expansion plans by people. In addition to highlighting Proof’s commitment to its existing collections, it has strengthened the creative community. He developed products with art and artists in mind and produced valuable tools for web3 as a solid growing technology company. 

“It’s great to receive this vote of confidence from some of the most respected investors in web3, in addition to the capital that will continue to provide great products and services while maturing this business for the long term,” said Kevin Rose.

“We believe that the next generation of major mainstream media franchises will be community-owned and managed, and PROOF is one of the companies showing just that,” said Sriram Krishnan, a16z crypto General Partner. A team of experienced founders who create interesting technology and product experiences by truly focusing on the community. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Kevin, Justin and the entire PROOF team to help them grow into a leading web3 company.”

The PROOF Web3 Platform

During Future PROOF, the community learned more about the upcoming release of the PROOF social platform. The platform will connect users, enable the community to make decisions, showcase collections, and provide valuable data-driven NFT insights. Initially, the beta launch will allow owners of PROOF Collective, Moonbirds and Oddities to create collector-curated galleries. The platform will integrate content and actions unique to the PROOF ecosystem, including research reports, podcasts, DAO offerings, and more. This infrastructure will be the very heart of PROOF and the center of its digital world.

Eliminating creative frictions with CC0 and Moonbirds DAO

Moonbirds is one of the best performing NFT collections, having achieved more than 200,000 ETH in trading volume ($300 million+ at the current price). Today, PROOF shared exciting developments regarding his beloved PFP collection, including updates to CC0, the Moonbirds DAO, and plans to put Moonbirds completely on the chain.

Since announcing the adoption of CC0 for Moonbirds and Oddities, PROOF has shown how liberating IP can lead to new creative endeavors and bring more attention to the project. PROOF shapes how value can be created through new web3 IP models and shares his plans to invest in the long-term success of these collections.

PROOF is creating the Moonbirds DAO, which will oversee the licensing of the Moonbirds name by granting trademark rights and distributing capital to projects that advance the Moonbirds mission. DAO will control the soon-to-be-established DAO treasury, which will be booted with PROOF’s funding and receive ongoing support from secondary Moonbirds royalties. In addition, PROOF is building a dedicated business development team that will focus on building valuable partnerships for Moonbirds and Oddities.

Moonbirds will connect to the chain and launch the new PFP collection.

PROOF announced that Moonbirds will be one of the first blue-chip collections completely connected to the chain. The move will enable NFT drawings to be included in smart contracts and will not have to rely on off-chain storage, thus making Moonbirds accessible for future generations.

In addition, PROOF has announced the first official expansion of the Moonbirds collection: the October 20,000 PFP collection Moonbird Mythics, which is expected to be released in early 2023 with the goal of giving back to the original Moonbird and Oddities collectors.


As Future PROOF draws to a close, Kevin Rose announced perhaps one of the most exciting developments for the project and its community – early plans for a PROOF token. Kevin shared that more details can be expected in 2023 and left a final note to the community about the exciting task ahead: “The world does not need another token for speculation. When we do something, with real benefit, it should belong to us in a unique way that will push the possible in new and exciting directions.”


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