Orderly Network Receives $200 Million Investment

Based on the Near Protocol, Orderly is a DeFi infrastructure protocol. Orderly recently received an investment worth $ 200 million from Laser Digital, a subsidiary of Japanese banking giant Monura. 

Announcement by The Company

An announcement by the company stated that the capital inflow is in addition to a $20 million seed round raised in June from various backers including Sequoia China, Pantera Capital, Dragonfly and Jump Crypto. While the size of Laser Digital’s investment was not disclosed, Orderly Network Co-founder Ran Yi said in an interview that it was worth $200 million.

Yi, in an interview: “The funds raised from previous backers Network via a simple agreement for digital and Laser Orderly future tokens (SHAFT)” and he added ‘ he’s first digital Laser publicly announced deal work and represents a rare foray into crypto unit token Nomura investment since September set up for investing in a bank.’

‘Ordinarily is one of our first investments given its unique position of having access to deep liquidity and an order book matching engine that can accommodate high throughput and rate limits,’ Olivier Dang, head of ventures at Laser Digital, said in the announcement.

The Orderly Network is a decentralized commerce infrastructure protocol, incubated by the Near Foundation and Woo Network, that allows projects to create DeFi applications. Yi, who is the Co-Founder of the company, said that the main network of Orderly went live last month, and a local token will be issued next year. 

Arjun Arora, chief operating officer at Orderly Network, told: ‘With fresh capital in hand from Laser Digital, Orderly Network plans to increase its team size from current around 40 people to about 50 by the end of this year by hiring across product and engineering functions’

Laser Digital’s Entry Plan into the Crypto Ecosystem

Laser Digital plans to invest in startups located in the crypto ecosystem on average 20 per year, supporting projects in the early stages. The company is particularly focused on supporting projects focused on serving corporate and business-to-business customers.

Nomura unit Laser Digital’s current focus is venture capital, but in the future, it plans to enter crypto trading, market construction and asset management. 



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