Mighty Bear Announces $10M Fundraising Led by Mighty Action Heroes and Framework Ventures

Image 1 : Mighty Bear Website
Image 1 : Mighty Bear Website

Mighty Action Heroes Marketing & Community Officer Marry-Anne Lee recently announced Mighty Action Heroes, Mighty Bear’s new game project, and the fundraiser.

A $10 million fundraising round led by Framework Ventures and additional investment from Mirana, Sfermion, Spartan, Dune Ventures, Sanctor Capital, Folius Ventures, Ocular, Polygon, Play Future Fund, Everblue, Ancient8, Ready Player DAO, Razer It includes Avocado DAO, DWeb3, Great South Gate, Mrblock and more.


The team of the project, which set out with the motto ‘Web3 is already here, but not the games’; They say they want to stop today’s web3 games from being boring, unrewarding games for financial gain. 

Mighty Action Heroes, Mighty Action Heroes is a real-time multiplayer third-person Battle Royale game with an emphasis on fun, skill and chaos. Mighty Action Heroes, which makes you dream of entering a fantasy world like Dungeons & Dragons or making toys come alive; It’s a game turned into a battle royale video game featuring action heroes (and their associated tropes) from the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s.

Mighty Action Heroes will be powered by Polygon, the leading carbon-neutral Ethereum scaling solution designed to enhance Ethereum functionality and encourage infrastructure development. It will also receive support from Polygon Studios in the form of financing, marketing, technical advice, strategy and ecosystem support. Announcing that it will also release a genesis PFP collection before the launch, the project team stated that, this NFT PFP collection will be of tremendous benefit both in-game and beyond, and PFP owners will also get early access to Mighty Action Heroes and privileges such as collecting in-game rewards and cosmetic items during gameplay.


The tokenomics information of the newer project has not yet been published and currently only has a Lite Paper. Lite Paper will also include P.A.R.T.S, an ERC1155 NFT collection that serves as Mighty Action Heroes, an ecosystem token, and reward and crafting materials on tokenomics. P.A.R.T.S are consumed to perform actions or interact with in-game systems such as crafting. Information is included.









Blockchain & Tokenomics




Marketing & Community


This new project supported by Polygon (as financing, marketing, technical advice, strategy and ecosystem) will definitely have new partnerships in the future or there will be changes in their partnerships. As of today, we can see that this project, which has also received a nice amount of funding, is strong in their partnership. 

Image 3 : Mighty Action Heroes Partners
Image 3 : Mighty Action Heroes Partners


Mighty Bear is a Singapore-based studio that brings the future of online multiplayer gaming to a universal audience. The team is built around industry veterans such as King, Ubisoft, EA, Lucasarts, Disney, Gameloft and Jagex. Guided by AAA expertise and mobile-first flexibility, it combines my games with the depth of desktop games and play-to-play accessibility.


Mighty Action Heroes is a battle royale-type game featuring action heroes (and their associated tropes) from the 80s to the present day, which announced that it has organized a US$10 million fundraising round led by Framework Ventures. Since this game supported by Polygon is a new project, there is no roadmap and tokenomics information available yet. Ubisoft, EA, Lucasarts, Disney, Gameloft and Jagex, such as the team consisting of industry veterans and at the same time collected funds and partnerships with the project has come to the fore even though it is still at the beginning of the project. Mighty Bear, which has implemented the Mighty Action Heroes project, is a Singapore-based company that also has other games.

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