CDS Startups Jumbo Exchange Obtains $3.5 Million

Jumbo Exchange Obtains $3.5 Million

Jumbo Exchange Obtains $3.5 Million in Investment Round
Jumbo Exchange Obtains $3.5 Million in Investment Round

Jumbo Exchange, which started to be developed in 2021, recently organized an investment round. It was announced that $ 3.5 million was raised in the financing round led by Pantera Capital and Huobi Incubator. Also participating in the investment round were investors such as D21 Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Dweb3 Capital, Fundamental Labs and MetaWeb Ventures.

Jumbo Exchange, which is still considered a newcomer, has become one of the most prominent DEXs in NEAR in less than a year. Jumbo Exchange aims to ensure that its users have the most intuitive DeFi experience.

After the investment round, they shared their gratitude to their investors, VCs and consultants from his own social media accounts with the following words: 

‘With the long journey ahead, we are grateful for the support from numerous VCs that share our vision and facilitate the support for the NEAR ecosystem as a whole!’

Jumbo Exchange’s team is working hard to create a rapidly developing, user-friendly stock market that meets the demand of the current market and contributes to the NEAR ecosystem, thanks to the confidence of its investors in the project and the team. 

According to the company, “NEAR ecosystem is still in its infancy and we at JUMBO will do everything we can to propel NEAR into masses by allowing people an easy gateway to the NEAR space! The first steps are always the most difficult but thanks to our partners we are on the path to conquering them with ease!’

About Jumbo Exchange

Jumbo is a one-stop solution for anyone looking for a decentralized solution that is not managed, aiming to lower the entry point for anyone who wants to trade. Built on the backbone of user-friendliness, Jumbo allows even inexperienced users to freely explore the capacities and limits of decentralized exchange equivalents.

About Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital was founded by former Tiger Management Macro Trading President and CFO Dan Morehead. Pantera’s global macro strategy has invested over $1 billion in corporate allocations. In 2013, Pantera created the first blockchain hedge and venture funds in the United States.

About Huobi Incubator

Huobi Incubator is committed to working together with the best and brightest crypto entrepreneurs, technical teams and communities to build a better blockchain ecosystem together. It works with startups and provides highly customized guidance, global resources and capital to build and scale projects quickly.



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