Introducing The Volt App

As announced in the Volt Q3 and Q4 Community Update, a rebranded version of the Fuse Cash app will be available on the Fuse and Voltage ecosystems. So, what is it that they carefully modeled during the bear market?

User Friendly

They are aware that the majority of new DeFi users struggle with the working principles of DeFi applications, and keeping this in mind, they have developed the features of the application within the framework of the values of minimalism, stability and simplicity. Information overflow is often a reason why new users find themselves in a place where there is no one. In the Volt app, the most important operations are simplified at a level that everyone will love and understand, regardless of the entry level.


The whole concept of crypto is based on decentralization. This means: no banks, no intermediaries, no depositors.” Why is this important?” you may ask yourself. For example, banks can easily block your accounts and you will not be able to withdraw your hard-earned money. The goal of decentralization is essential in DEFI. Volt has embraced the idea of users having complete freedom over their own decisions, especially financial decisions. There is no one between the Volt app and you.  No one can interfere with your account in any way unless you give the green light. You are safe with Volt.

Fiat On-Ramp

To have a hassle-free initial attendance experience, Volt partners from Ramp Network have provided a simple, non-custodial fiat-on-ramp solution. Also, Ramp offers a market of 150+ countries spread across the globe, with some of the lowest fees compared to any other crypto provider. Impressive, isn’t it ?

Cloud Backup Recovery

You can’t overstate the importance of security at DeFi, no matter how much you want to. That’s why Volt has added another layer of protection.

Besides the “classic” backup template and creating/saving a startup statement, Volt users will be able to back up a cloud backup of Volt app, recovery file to their Google Drive. The cloud backup of your recovery file is preserved, and Volt:DeFi cannot access other files on your drive. On top of that, users can protect their Volt apps with biometrics, in this case fingerprint matching.

Gasless Transactions

You read correctly, there is no gas when exchanging crypto. Volt cares about its users and their experience in the crypto space. The gas is covered by Voltage Finance liquidity pools. One step closer to frictionless DeFi.

DeFi at the Pocket

The first version of Volt will primarily be an entry point for everyone, especially for community members. However, they will gradually enrich the application and add DeFi features as time goes by. Expect staking, farming, governance and much more within the Voltage ecosystem.

Volt will be open for beta testing and during this event, a certain number of users will have the opportunity to help them and test the application extensively while sharing their experiences with Volt.

Fuse Cash has always been the simplest way to join the Fuse Network. As the network expands, priorities also change. One of the priorities is to provide a seamless DeFi experience to everyone. So how to ensure this priority outside the phone? In a brisk world, the trends are clearly simplicity and time management. This is easily noticeable, just consider the era of the development of the phone. The first mobile phone turned from a brick-sized space stone into a device with a bright, multi-color screen filled with a powerful computer. The cellular revolution began in the 90s, and to date, the user base has grown by more than 200000%, and there are now more than 2.5 billion mobile phone users.Compared to the telephone industry, only 47.1% of households in the world have a computer. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to all the beauties of technology, but mobile phones stand out as an inexpensive, practical and reliable substitute for computers.

Volt considers the mobile industry to be permanent and considers it a logical move to have its own wallet as a DAO aiming to become the ultimate DeFi hub on the Fuse Network.



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