Hyperlane Raises $18.5M in Seed Round

Hyperlane has announced that it has raised $18.5 million in investments in the Seed round conducted under the leadership of Variant. Among the investors participating in the round, we see names such as Galaxy Digital, CoinFund, Circle, Figment, Blockdaemon, Kraken Ventures and NFX. According to the information obtained, Hyperlane co-founder Jon Kol said that the investment raised will be used for product development, security and accelerating the development of Hyperlane.

”The current state of crypto is fragmented, as there has been a proliferation of blockchains and applications, but users on a given blockchain can’t access applications on another,” Kol said. “It’s confusing and complex, and results in a user experience that many, even crypto veterans like our team, find cumbersome and unruly,” he added.


About Hyperlane

Hyperlane was founded with the mission to easily and securely connect and transmit messaging between blockchains. Platform, headquartered in Greenwich, was co-founded by Asa Oines, Nam Chu Hoai and Jon Kol. Due to the security vulnerabilities between the blockchains, great losses were incurred due to many hacking attacks before. With this investment, the team wants to further improve the existing security protocols. In addition, platform provides superior API and SDK services for blockchain developers in terms of ease of use and security. The company is still a developing platform. We can say that with the development of Web3 and blockchain technologies in the coming days, it will provide new updates and conveniences to developers.




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