Image 1 : OneOf Website
Image 1 : OneOf Website

New developments and investments are realized every day NFT support for the green and sustainable period in the sector rained down today. OneOf announced the closing of over $8 million in funding during the strategic round to accelerate the development and support the growth of the environmentally sustainable NFT Market. Among the investors participating in the new round are Amex Ventures, Mirabaud Lifestyle Impact and Innovation Fund, Snow Hill Ventures, Sangha Capital, Chain Link Crypto Fund and others. 

With this new capital inflow, OneOf ’s total capital inflow has increased to over $72 million. Among my current investors, which include famous environmentalist names, are Unicorn Fund, Galaxy Digital, Sangha Capital, Recharge Capital, Tezos Found Deciton and others.

“We are thrilled and humbled by the faith and overwhelming support of our new and existing investors and partners to continue our mission of bringing the next 100 million users to the NFT and blockchain space,” Oneof CEO su Lin Dai said in a statement. 

Amex Ventures Director General, Margaret Lim, “increasingly, consumer content creator and a brand new category of spending, loyalty and membership model that led to the rise of new business ideas and New NFT they call,” he said and added ; “NFT OneOf investment in American Express-backed card you will be helping our members stay close to developments in trade and we believe that will lead to the development of new models for customer participation.”

In addition to this statement, we should note that OneOf will be launching a series of NFTs that American Express Card Members can access as part of an October event organized by American Express.

What is OneOF?

OneOf was co-founded in 2021 by experienced technologist and entrepreneur Lin Dai (CEO), digital media executive Joshua James (COO) and music industry veteran Adam Fell (CSO). Deeply committed to a sustainable and inclusive blockchain future, Oneof is a platform that supports NFTs on multiple energy-efficient blockchains, connecting fans and collectors to iconic musicians, athletes and brands. Oneof aims to bring the next 100 million non-crypto-native fans to Web3 by eliminating technical frictions and allowing fans to pay for their NFTs with credit/debit cards and major cryptocurrencies. OneOf is much more energy efficient compared to other blockchains, it is based on Tezos and Polygon, which are recognized as an alternative. The total annual carbon footprint of the Tezos blockchain is equal to the average foot footprint of 17 world citizens. Also for OneOf users, buying NFTs costs $0 in blockchain gas fees. 

There are digital collections of the best creative artists on the platform that you can buy and exchange. Your Nft becomes the key to a vault that connects you to the artist, and as long as you hold it, you can gain access to the vault. This safe can provide access to unreleased music tickets for concerts and intimate performances or Vip get-togethers, November special edition merchandise and so much more. In addition, there are five tiers of OneOf within the platform;

Image 2 :OneOf Tiers
Image 2 :OneOf Tiers

OneOF Team

Image 3 : OneOf Team
Image 3 : OneOf Team

OneOf, which supports NFTs on multiple energy-efficient blockchains connecting fans and collectors to iconic musicians, athletes and brands, has managed to raise over $8 million in funding. Although it is a project that has emerged in 2021, if it is necessary to criticize the platform, whose capital is growing day by day and the number of users is increasing, it is a project that has emerged in 2021 OneOF’s Roadmap although it consists of only one photo on its own site, it does not make any promises about the future, nor any events, etc. there are no exact dates for it. When we investigate the reason for this, there is no concrete reason or explanation. 


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