Gomu Obtains $5 Million in Seed Round

NFT infrastructure and liquidity provider Gomu announced that it has closed its seed round with a $5 million investment, which includes angel investors such as Coinbase Ventures, Defiance Capital, Saison Capital, and Carylyne Chan (former CEO of CoinMarketCap), Matthew Tan (Founder of Etherscan) and Bobby Ong and TM Lee (co-founders of CoinGecko), Mike Dudas (GP at 6MV) and Benedict Chan (VP of Engineering at Chainlink).


While the global NFT market was valued at US$ 3 billion in 2022, it is expected to reach US$ 13.6 billion by 2027. Today, Gomu was established to strengthen NFT liquidity incentives and trade. We can say that Gomu achieved this seed round thanks to its strong infrastructure and product launches.

Gomu has so far released NFT Hub and Collection.xyz for developers. The flagship of these products, NFT Hub, provides NFT communities with a white-labeled community hub and a marketplace of their own. Collection.xyz, on the other hand, is the first NFT liquidity incentive protocol, beyond improving the community experience for NFT holders. Collection.xyz offers a hassle-free process for any person holding NFT and ETH tokens to create a liquidity pool on NFT DEX Sudoswap.

“NFT’s large potential for real-world impact can only be realized if the surge of industry interest is paired with the right infrastructure to support that growth. We believe Gomu’s NFT Hub and Collection products are the rails required for a great end-to-end Web3 experience for communities and collectors in the space.” said Chris Sirise, Partner of Saison Capital.

“NFT holders and projects can easily incentivize liquidity for their favorite NFT collections, adding an essential building block in the NFTfi space” said Spencer Yang, co-founder & CEO of Gomu.

About Gomu

For billions of people who want to experience Web3; They provide industry-leading data and powerful developer tools such as NFT API, NFT Hub, and Collection.xyz, designed to help developers, creators and businesses build native Web3 applications easily, reliably and securely.

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