Exchange Art: Another NFT Marketplace

It would be a platform which tries money-laundering by crypto :d It is not indeed. 

At the first look you would say; oh, another opensea. It would surprise you I think. Because the arts on websites to be bid are splendid. What is modern art? Can it be moved to the NFT’s? Yes! By the Exchange art, of course ahah. 

Image-1: Screen Shot from Exchange Art –

They are based on solana and describe themselves as ‘fine art marketplace’. It gives the opportunity to the creators to get more attention. You have to create an account and wait for the approval to be a creator. After that you can expose your artwork to the community.

I think that kinds of marketplaces are great to make the art market decentralized. Now, I am bidding up with saying that, promt-artist should be welcome in there! Even if you do not draw something, with the help of AI you can draw things. AI is the new brush and people will accept it very soon. I will try to make some sale with some AI paintings. What happened? You can ask it from the comments 😀


As blockchain develops, it pushes people to make their projects more innovative and try different concepts. We see one of the examples in Exchange Art. They are not that innovative but have a good concept which can help people to be a part of that. I say, it’s nice.


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