Esports Grant 3 Schedule and AXS Allocations were Revealed by Axie Infinity

Up until the end of June 2023, events will support by the grant, which is worth €160,000. The primary objective of these grants is the fair, scalable, and international expansion of Axie Esports.

Esports 3 Program and Grant

The permitted list esports server, which has unlocked runes and spells to ensure that the tournaments are conclusive proof of superiority, will host the esports grant competitions. Access to the server will be available to everyone taking part in Axie tournaments under this grant.

For this grant, the events have been divided into four categories: Challenger, Dragon, Bear, and Wolf. These tiers serve as a gauge for the size and scope of the tournaments’ prizes.

Axie Esports’ Progression

The first two esports grants, where the majority of the grant gives to players in the form of prizes, helped to confirm their methodology. This subsidy scheme encourages the hunt for sponsors and maintains strict event budgets while assisting in lowering the risk for amateur and professional tournament organizers.

More than 80% of the grant’s budgeted amount will give to the players. The operations of the event will fund using the remaining funds.

Priorities for Grants

They received more applications for this grant than they budgeted for or almost 2.5 times as many. This is a highly reliable sign of the popularity of Axie Esports. Additionally, they have made a special effort to sponsor numerous events, such as daily leagues, weekly leagues, and big one-off tournaments.


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