Codego: Core Banking Solution Turnkey

Think about a company that solves it all for you. Codego is that kind of a company. They are focused on financial solutions according to companies needs. Their products as follows;

  • Core Banking
  • White Label Crypto Exchange
  • Wallet
  • Merchant Crypto Gateway
  • White Label Prepaid and Debit Card
  • White Label Bank
  • White Label Crypto Card

If you have a startup or any kind of company whether in blockchain or not, you may need an app to manage your finances. Codego is offering an app to do anything about finances. Purchasing any coin you want, transferring money to your employee etc. You can easily transfer money to any kind of money type like cryptocurrency or dollars. It is possible with their own coin which is CDG, Codego Coin. One of the great products of them is personalized credit card. You can purchase it and use it in any kind of store you want.

Like I said earlier, they are solving most of the problems you may face about finances. You should check it from their website.

Codego Website
Image-1: Core banking, Codego website,

Codego has offices in 5 different countries. Being accessible of the local markets of the countries is really a great advantage for a company offering core banking solutions. They explain Codego as, “Local IBAN (IT,FR,DE,ES),SEPA, SWIFT, Faster Payment, Debit Cards, Multi-Currency IBAN, Personal and Business Account, Mobile APP Android / iOS. All in One! start with your White label bank.”

With Codego Coin, they make every financial action much easy. You can look at the details of the coin from here. I can’t mention every detail about that company, I am not writing a book 😀


Their team are separated by countries, I can see the local management matters for them too 😀 Codego Turkiye, Codego Egypt etc. they all have different people in the same position. Codego Group, as the roof company has different managers. I add them as picture. 


 Codego provides you anything about finance. That is what I see when I look up to that company. With personalized cards, apps and many kinds of third party partners etc. they provide the needs of the companies.



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