Chingari: Web3 TikTok

Chingari is an application that allows you to earn money from both creating and consuming contents. You go to your app and do exactly what you do in TikTok. Because it is nearly the same app. Interesting and the good part is the opportunity it gives to the people. In blockchain ecosystem, it is more easy to give the people what they deserve. They have three points to clear that out;

  • 113 Million creators miss $5 Billion yearly
  • 222 Million creators annually lose $0.3 Billion in potential revenue
  • 5 Million active creators worldwide amass $6 Billion of missed revenue each year

They did designed a model to make the creators earn the amount they should. All the earnings are made by $GARI. You can check Gari’s website from clicking here.

Some time in the future, every app will be in blockchain. What will replace the current social medias? This is the main question in here actually. Is the Use-2-Earn feature really the most important thing? I do not think so. But it has to be a part of the app. Because nowadays social media apps take too much from creators and does not make them earn that much. Influencers mostly earns money from brands, companies etc. It has to be stop in the philosophy of blockchain community.

Bad thing about Chingari, it has pretty much nothing innovative. When I think the future’s social media based on blockchain, I think of new content types, new interaction types. Unfortunately I do not see that in Chingari. With the finances and pros like Influencer marketplace, they did a good job. You can check Gari’s whitepaper from here.

There are too many good Investors and Partners in their portfolio. I think having a lot of partner from blockchain is no better that having partners outside of the blockchain. Apparently, they have to reach new communities, new people; according to the concept all the users should be using this app without having any relations with blockchain. Their partners as follows;

screen shot 2022 10 03 at 06.47.32
Image 1: Partners,

I see that there are no good marketing campaigns. Well, not a noticeable marketing. If they are trying to be a social media, they should give the environment a reason to leave TikTok, not just money.


Chingari, as an idea, is a great project. They still have a lot of things to develop, but after that they can be a very big social media. Projects develop themselves mostly because of the rivals, more competition will push them to find new ideas. I say, we need that stuff, as long as they will improve 😀


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