Centrifuge: Real World DeFi

Centrifuge is a decentralized finance protocol that makes it possible to finance assets in the real world.

Nowadays, only large enterprises can be listed on stock exchanges and enter certain markets. By allowing small businesses to enter the markets, it can be ensured that every good project and business model shows itself more comfortably. This is exactly what Centrifuge is aiming for. 

Centrifuge is a network that connects real-world assets to digital. Tinlake is an application where assets are listed. You can invest in all kinds of listed companies through Tinlake. With the CFG Token, which is on its own Proof-of-stake Ethereum bridged blockchains, you can provide trading transactions, NFT minting transactions. They described many features in detail in their whitepaper. You can reach the Whitepaper here.

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Img1 – Diagram about system of centrifuge protocol.

When you look at the big picture, you can see a transparent NASDAQ. They also offer companies that are not blockchain-based but have a good model to benefit from Web3. Rather than just investing in blockchain projects with launchpads, you will also be able to invest in real-world assets in a decentralized marketplace. 

Being able to finance assets independently of banks will enable many people who were not related to finance before to be active in markets. In the future, a world in which everyone is an individual investor is waiting for us. There are also reward systems. CFG Token reward is given to those who invest through Tinlake with certain procedures. 

Tinlake is currently an active website. You can reach it by clicking here. You can connect and invest with MetaMask. Many companies have become part of the market and users have started to invest.

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Img2 – Caption from Centrifuge’s app.


A project that has gone further than being a DeFi organization is Centrifuge. Its vision is to bridge the gap between the real world and decentralized finance, enabling small businesses, and well-thought-out companies to be part of a marketplace. In the future, many companies will have to take advantage of organizations in the field of Web3 & DeFi. Getting rid of banks is an innovative project in order to provide freedom of financing in the business world. I say we need that stuff.



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