Blockstars Technology: 360 Blockchain Services

Blockstars is a kind of a company that provides you all you need. Every market has one of them, even in logistics. They are giving all kinds of services from NFT Design to Strategic Partnership. They seem to have a good market share in Australia. They have joined to the Australian Crypto Convention, organized events etc. Which you can see from their website, here.

They are Full-Backed Blockchain Agency as my own terms. I see four products in their website;

  • NFT Minting Platform
  • Payment Gateway
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Crypto Exchange

That is interesting to sell these as ‘product’ but not as a backend services kind of thing. Is the only way to see your product is filling out the form and wait for you to reach me? Lots of questions have not answered on my side by their website.

They seem like a new company to me. It is actually not entirely wrong, they started at 2021. In their linkedIn page, there are 13 employees and 135 Followers. I can say they are trying to strive in the community. We can not see partners and the projects they have worked with in their website. It is a deficit of course.

If you need a service in blockchain, you can talk and see what they are doing and how. Because they are certainly making some outsourcing while developing something. Can’t do everything with 13 people right :d

Their services are;

Basically they seem like capable of finding you whatever you need. They define themselves as: “Blockstars Technology is Australia’s leading all-in-one blockchain technology company created by a group of blockchain enthusiasts. Whether you want to learn more about blockchain technology, NFTs, cryptocurrency or DeFi development, Blockstars can help you with it all.”

I would say this kinds of Full-Backed Blockchain Agencies are needed to bring more people to this environment ‘in the right way’.


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