Beosin a Top Blockchain Security Company Announces $20 Million in Series A Strategic Funding

Leading blockchain security service firm Beosin recently completed a $20 million strategic funding round in which well-known investors and current shareholders took part.

What is Beosin?

Beosin is a world leader in the following aspects related to blockchain security:

  • Providing smart contract security audits
  • Blockchain project risk monitoring
  • Alerting, blocking, and recovering stolen digital assets
  • Know Your Transaction (KYT)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and other all-inclusive security solutions, products, and services

It has aided more than 2,000 blockchain companies worldwide and protected assets worth more than $500 billion. In addition, the money will go into research and development in blockchain security, ecosystem expansion, and expansion of international commerce. As a result, it will keep concentrating on the ecosystem for blockchain security and provide a wider range of blockchain technology solutions and blockchain security technology for a large user base worldwide.

Beosin VaaS

Static scanning, fuzzy testing, and formal verification capabilities for smart contract codes are provided by the Smart Contract Formal Verification Platform. The platform offers over 100 testing items, with an accuracy rate of over 97%, including conventional vulnerabilities and business logic correctness on several public blockchains. Thus, it can accurately identify dangerous code and provide developers with tips on how to make smart contracts more secure.

Beosin EagleEye

The platform is with integrated monitoring intended for blockchain project owners. Thus, it can identify suspicious transactions, thoroughly evaluate the operation status, and assist users in identifying risks and receiving workable solutions. Finally, it establishes a security shield for project operation and protects the asset by automatically evaluating the security situation of contracts and monitoring on-chain operations in real time.

Beosin Trace

Beosin Trace is a visualization tool that focuses on the security of user wallet transactions. It enables users to track suspicious addresses, display and trace the flow of cash, and assist in the recovery of on-chain assets. Trace can use in a variety of situations, including case investigation, mixer tracing, anomalous transaction warning, transaction follow-up, and source tracing.

Beosin KYT

Beosin’s KYT virtual asset AML and investigation compliance system uses more than 1 billion address labels, a black address database, and advanced AI technology to create a blockchain asset tracking and AML system that can assist virtual asset service providers in establishing KYT and continuous risk assessment capabilities.


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