Stablecoin Exchange Platform: Meson

Meson is a stablecoin exchange protocol that facilitates stable cryptocurrency flows between Ethereum and large high-performance public chains. With brand new product design and technology stacks, Meson offers point-to-point swaps with fast approval, minimum fees and zero slippage between large stablecoins on any supported network.  It is not based on existing cross-chain solutions and has been robustly audited by renowned auditors, including Trail of Bits and SSLabs at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Why Is Meson Preferable?

Meson’s philosophy is to provide a safe and convenient cross-chain product for ordinary users. With the multi-blockchain ecological development over the past year, we believe that cross-chain has transformed from a technical application problem to a user experience problem. The Meson protocol is built on the existing technical solutions of cross-chain bridges, and the goal of Meson is to enable users to enjoy cross-chain stablecoin exchanges decisively, more conveniently, faster, cost-effective and more secure. Meson will focus on stablecoins, so many optimizations can be performed to maximize the user experience.

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Existing cross-chain bridges solve the problem of cross-chain circulation of digital assets. Meson develops its technical foundations to help users improve their experience. In fact, individual users use Meson, while lps that provide exchange services to users may be using the existing bridges protocol. 

Some of the features offered to users are as follows;

Higher speed: A swap in Meson is usually completed in 1-2 minutes.

Lower cost: Meson has implemented many optimizations, from protocol design to contract implementation, to minimize the cost to its users. Meson has also innovatively implemented meta transactions without users even having to pay gas fee, and transactions can be completed without native tokens. Meta-transactions allow lps to pay gas fee for users, but by moving the gas fee to LP, one can use more tools for gas optimization and thus reduce the overall transaction cost.

Direct exchange: Meson directly uses the most widely accepted stablecoins on each chain and can directly carry out cross-chain exchanges such as USDT to USDC. Also, there is no need to temporarily keep any wrapped stable crypto currency in an intermediate state during the transaction.  No matter which chain you are on, you can get the most widely used stablecoins directly through Meson.

Funds are safer: When working on meson cross-chain bridges, it is not a strong dependency. This means that funds do not need to be locked in bridge pools, and the underlying assets will have a higher utilization under the premise of absolute security. The safety hazards or instability of the bridge itself will not affect the operation of the Meson. In addition, Meson uses Atomic Swap technology, which means that assets do not have to fall into the hands of a third party and will not be stuck in the contract. Even though there is more than one intermediate situation in a transaction, both parties’ assets will only be in their own hands or pay the other party.


Meson, a cross-chain protocol for stablecoin, has raised $4 million in funding led by GSRV, BAI Capital, Plug and Play, Mirana Ventures, M77 Ventures, SNZ Capital, A&T Fund, Smarti Labs, a global web3 institutional investor. 


Meson provides fast swaps in minutes with virtually zero cost and slippage between all leading blockchains and tier-2 aggregations. Meson is already connected to Ethereum, BNB Chain, Tron, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Phantom, Evmos, Aurora, Conflux, Harmony, Moonriver and Moonbeam. In the coming months, Meson plans to support other non-EVM chains, including Solana and more.


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