Space ID: A profile of you in blockchain.

You are looking at a project that will make everything in one place. You know that governments puts many information to the id cards, that is something like that. 

Nowadays, we should stalk a bit to learn whose account address we see. We are like searching the information by the SS numbers of the people :d Well think that you are seeing every information about that person by their wallet address; that is what SpaceID does. They are giving you the chance to put all of your informations, including wallet address, in one place, accessible by just with a nickname goes like: jhondoe.bnb

By using spaceID integration in your projects, you can simply address .bnb username and get access to your user’s other information. A profile of you in blockchain. 

It has been powered by Binance Labs. It will grow i suppose even if it was a monkey :d Jokes aside, It can be really helpful to everyone in the future. If we are building a new internet age, we have to have tools to use it. So many of these tools has been made, but there should be more. Remember, apple was not the first computer company. 

 Also you can trade .bnb domains in several NFT marketplaces. Think about Virtual Cards in blockchain. It is pretty much the same. 

On their website, I did not see the team details. I think they trust their project so much. Of course it is a deserved ego. Their partners:

I would say this kind of things are the actual startups we need in that community.

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