A new user who wants to interact with a Web3 application often has to find third-party resources to buy crypto and hold assets in order to spend crypto in the application. Slide offers an all-in-one tool that keeps users in the app with features such as the purchase of non-fungible tokens (NFT) that cannot be exchanged by credit card and a non-custodial wallet Decked out with an email address instead of a browser extension.


Slide aims to ensure that any user, regardless of their background or experience, can use Web3. It’s really hard for the average user to use decentralized applications (dapp) right now, and Slide aims to change that. Slide enables dApps to provide seamless Web3 experiences to their users, and in doing so, does not seek a crypto history from users.
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Some of the features that Slide offers to users are:

  • Instant Wallet Creation: Allows users to create non-custodial wallets in seconds via email or social login. No extension or seed sentence is required.
  • Accept Card Payments for NFTs. Your users can buy your NFTs as easy as buying coffee. No need for an exchange or existing crypto.
  • FIAT Friendly: Slide users can switch from FIAT to crypto and from crypto to FIAT without leaving your dApp.
  • Customizable UI: Swipe networks perfectly with the design of your dApp.
  • Batch Transactions: Convert multiple steps into single transactions for users.
  • Seamless Integration: Add Slide support with just a few lines of code.

Given that under the right conditions, billions of people could be connected to the chain in the next decade, it stands out that UX infrastructure projects such as Slide will play an important role in this transition.


New York-based Slide was founded earlier this year by Farman-Farmaian, the former product lead at crypto exchange Coinbase, and Sam Hatem, who previously worked as a blockchain developer at event betting platform Polymarket. Farman-Farmaian said the company expects to have a full, open launch by the end of the year.


Slide, a startup that provides user experience infrastructure for decentralized applications, has raised $12.3 million in a seed funding round jointly led by crypto-focused investment firms Polychain Capital and Framework Ventures. The funding will help Slide hire more staff, build its infrastructure and distribute its product to dapps. backers
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Coinbase’s Venture Capital Arm, USDC issuer Circle and investment firm Outlander Ventures also participated in the funding round. Individual investors included former Coinbase Dec Chief Technology Officer Balaji Srinivasan, Dragonfly Capital Partner Ani Pai and Polymarket CEO Shayne Coplan.


In summary, Slide develops products that enable Web3 applications (dApps) to provide seamless experiences to everyday users.


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