Rocketplace Exchange

Rocketplace is a cryptocurrency exchange that eliminates guessing when buying and selling crypto. Whether you are trading for the first time or for the thousandth time, Rocket Place makes it easy for you to trade. The biggest feature of Rocketplace is that it does not take any commission on crypto purchases and sales. The commission is 0% when any crypto currency purchase or sale is made on Rocketplace.

How Rocketplace Makes Money?

Since Rocketplace does not take commissions, it can earn money to the extent that the volume increases. It makes money by the small difference between the price a buyer is willing to pay and the price a seller is willing to sell.

Why Rocketplace Is Preferable?

Rocketplace offers zero percent commission on crypto buying and selling transactions, as well as different features that will attract users. With Rocketplace, crypto assets are becoming more accessible and transparent. While many crypto platforms are designed to be transactional in nature, Rocketplace was built to offer a holistic, user-first experience. Undoubtedly, the reason why this is the case lies in the team’s belief that we will see a tremendous proliferation in crypto assets. Thanks to Rocketplace, users can evaluate crypto assets, invest in these products, and receive appropriate data about these products.

rocketplace user interface

Users receive real-time market data via Rocketplace. Real-time charts are easy to understand and even easier to operate on. Users, their money is stored safely. Your Rocketplace account is a safe place to keep your money when investing.

All cryptocurrencies listed on the Rocketplace exchange are reviewed. Fraud and illegal currency cryptocurrencies are not listed. Therefore, users do not need to worry about spammy crypto coins when using Rocketplace.


Rocketplace consists of a team of people with deep financial experience. Team members previously created Earnest and helped Plastiq scale up. In addition, the team has a rich background in traditional finance through UBS Investment Bank, Morgan Stanley and Her Majesty’s Treasury. 

rocketplace team

Indeed, the track record of the founding team seems remarkable. CEO Louis Beryl and COO Ben Hutchinson previously co-founded online lender Earnest together. That company was sold to Navient in 2017 for about $155 million. Beryl was also a partner in both a16z and Y Combinator, and also founded Solid Energy Systems, which went public with a SPAC merger on the NYSE earlier this year.


Rocketplace, a startup that aims to create a next-generation asset management platform for crypto, has raised $ 9 million in a seed funding round. A few things stand out about this financing. The fund was raised at an interesting time in the crypto world.  This fund was raised during the so-called “crypto winter”, during which other major players in this field, such as Voyager and Celsius, went bankrupt, and others, such as Robinhood and Coinbase, made mass layoffs. 

rocketplace investors

Launchpad Capital led Rocketplace’s startup round, which also included the participation of TTV, Accomplice, Menlo Ventures and Soma Capital. Accomplice led its pre-seed round, which totaled $8 million in two tranches and included checks from Launchpad and Better Tomorrow Ventures.


In summary, Rocketplace is a crypto currency exchange and offers zero percent commission service for crypto currency trading, saving users from paying commission unlike other crypto exchanges. As a cryptocurrency exchange, Rocketplace acts as an intermediary by matching people who want to buy cryptocurrencies with people who want to sell them and vice versa. Rocketplace currently makes it possible for you to buy, sell and trade crypto without commission. 


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