Rising Value Xalts

Sandeep Nailwal, one of the founding partners of Silicon Valley’s largest venture capital firms Accel, Polygon, and Citi Century, has raised $6 million in financing for Xalts. With these investments, Xalts plans to add new ones to its global bitcoin exchanges. The company aims to multiply its digital assets such as mutual funds and ETFs and to bring to the forefront the products that can be funded in the market.

The company, which wants to follow the global markets and expand its digital asset network, also aims to create new business areas. By the end of the year, Xalts wants to increase the number of teams in offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Geneva to 30. Thus, digital assets that are available for investment in these regions will be identified and introduced to new investors.

Goals of Xalts

Xalts, which wants the valuation of digital assets and the proliferation of fund products, has many project plans. Former HSBC researcher Ashutosh Goel and Supreet Kaur who is one of the directors of Meta Asia, build the foundations of the Xalts company. The general purpose of Xalts is to include institutions that use real money in the system where digital assets are located. 

The company is aware of the standards of corporate companies and determines digital asset plans according to these standards.  Xalts chief investor Ashutosh Goel states that institutional investors understand what they care about and are trying to develop Xalts into a corporate fit. With this compatibility, Xalts aims to involve other investors in the system in Xalts, to publish notes on cryptos and create different package programs. 

Xalts and Digital Assets

According to the researcher, Xalts investor, and COO Supreet Kaur, there are a lot of investors who want to invest money in digital assets. However, these investors are afraid of market pressure. This prevents investors from having direct access to cryptosystems. In addition, Kaur says that they have eliminated this access difficulty through Xalts and that investors will be able to invest in crypto firms without market pressure. 

Luis Valdich, managing director of Citi Ventures, who has invested in one of the digital assets for the first time, says that he is pleased with his investments in Xalts. In addition, Luis Valdich adds that by working with Xalts, they are trying to create innovative and contemporary products thanks to a digital asset and that they support Xalts for presenting this vision. 

The Objectives of Xalts

Xalts aims to work with corporate companies since its establishment. This is because they believe that the crypto market will grow and surpass normal markets, and they are trying to open up additional space for investors. For this purpose, companies working with Xalts have agreed with the company within 4 targets. These goals are as follows:

  • Thinking about system compatibility and system
  • Analysis and statistics
  • Risk management
  • Market Control

Thus, Xalts and its collaborating companies certify its institutionalism.


There are many lawyers, engineers, business partners, investors, and crypto experts in Xalts. Engineers within the institution analyze complex situations and report their effects in detail. In short, Xalts; offers a working culture for innovation, adaptation, and new product development to its investors and supporters.


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