Reltime Has Received a Commitment of 50 Million USD from GEM Digital Limited

Reltime AS caused a stir when it announced a strategic investment partnership with GEM Digital Limited, a digital asset investment company based in the Bahamas.

CEO Peter Michel Heilmann went to Amsterdam.

Reltime and GEM Digital
Reltime and GEM Digiral

GEM Digital’s commitment provides Reltime with the opportunity to take the company to the next level while strengthening its operations in 150 countries, following periods of Research and Development .

The following items in this partnership announcement and the arguments that will continue to be developed are as follows :

The world’s first Web3 biometric cold wallet with identification

Proof of Deposit (PoD) protocol.

Reltime DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and Reltime NFT Marketplace, which can also be white-labeled. Reltime enables businesses, developers and others to build and launch new products, services, tokens, marketplaces and NFTs on top of the Tier 1, Proof of Authority blockchain.

FastTrack to Web3, a three-week, white-label, custom-built and all-in-one B2B2C Web3 Banking (W3BaaS) solution for companies and trusted brands looking to Decamp to the web3 embedded finance (blockchain) space.

Reltime’s Metaverse SDK (software development kit) allows companies, developers, and partners to provide Reltime’s white-label products, services, and solutions across different Metaverses.

Both parties agreed that GEM’s portfolio companies would explore cross-pollination opportunities by leveraging Reltime’s Layer 1, PoA blockchain and Web3 financial ecosystem.

“This global investment commitment represents a tremendous opportunity for Reltime to strengthen our mission and vision and gives us a huge boost of confidence that we are on the right track,” said Marlene Julo, co-founder, President and CFO of Reltime.

Peter Michel Heilmann, CEO of Reltime, said, “We welcome GEM as our new strategic investment partner, which opens new doors and expands our global investor base. After years of extensive R&D and hard work, Reltime is now ready to scale up and go global by offering unique, knockout and valuable products and services. The investment commitment will significantly enhance our ability to bring new innovative technologies and solutions to the global market.”

About GEM Digital

Digital Limited is a Bahamas-based digital asset investment company that actively sources, configures and invests in more than 30 CEX and DEX-listed utility tokens worldwide.

Global Emerging Markets was founded in 1991. 4 billion investment group that has completed 540 transactions in 70 countries. The Firm is an alternative investment group that manages various investment vehicles worldwide.

With offices in New York, Paris and the Bahamas, Global Emerging Markets (“GEM”) is an alternative investment group valued at $3.4 billion that manages many investment instruments focused on emerging markets around the world.

GEM’s investment vehicles offer the group and its investors a diversified portfolio of asset classes covering a global network of private investments.

Each investment instrument has a different degree of operational dominance, a risk-adjusted return and a liquidity profile.

About Reltime

Located in Oslo, the Reltime Center envisions a world where power is in the hands of people, regardless of income, background, gender, race, ethnicity, building the intellectual financial ecosystem that Reltime embraces.

Reltime’s goal: 100,000,000 people and businesses to be financially free by 2025. It is also being financially free and able to do more with money by sending, receiving, borrowing, lending, earning, bartering, interacting and transacting in the Metaverses and in the real world.



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