Polylastic x Fabwelt Partnership Agreement

Polylastic has announced that it has reached a strategic partnership agreement with Fabwelt, one of the largest gaming and NFT platforms.

Fabwelt offers in-game NFTs and provides opportunities to play and win in high-end gaming ecosystems. It is known that their native token, WELT, is staked by more than 7,000 users on the Polygon network alone.

Thanks to this partnership, Polylastic offers an excellent opportunity not only to further explore the gaming and NFT sector on the Polygon blockchain, but also for users who want to participate in community-enriching events such as AMAs, spotlights and community giveaways. In addition, WELT will be one of the first tokens to be whitelisted in Polylastic’s gaming index.

About Fabwelt

Fabwelt is a groundbreaking concept that integrates blockchain technology into the heart of high-quality games of all kinds. With in-game NFTs, P2E and Defi, a high-level gaming ecosystem is being created and entertainment is being increased. A multi-genre gaming ecosystem that includes genres such as 3D First Person Shooter, Action-Adventure, Simulation, Strategy, Fantasy and others. In-game NFTs as assets, collectibles and strategic tools are reinvigorating Blockchain gaming fun.

Fabwelt incorporates all of its games into a never-seen-before digital reality. It’s called the Gamingverse. With universal NFTs supported by players, it is aimed to offer technology that will have never-ending fun with features such as digital inter-game identification and multi-Decker tournaments.

About Polylastic

Polylastic is a digital finance index protocol that aims to offer the best indices in the cryptocurrency market. The index is valued according to the value of community support, measured by the number of stakers, as well as the market value of the token.



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