Polka City

Since the day crypto coins entered our lives, new different terms and concepts have been coming into our lives every day. NFTs, DeFi and Metaverse are just a few of these differences. This project, called Polka City, was created to create a market where investors can invest in different assets in a single centre using the combined powers of DeFi, NFT and Polkadot. 


Launched in Q1 2022, Polka City is an NFT marketplace project that aims to revolutionize the ownership of digital assets by building the world’s first 3D and AR NFT platform on the blockchain. The purpose of establishing a virtual city here is to enable investors to invest and make profits without going through many unnecessary processes in the current order. Users can get returns by buying all kinds of assets (Hotel, business, gas station, taxi) thanks to the power of decentralized finance and metadata database on this platform. 

POLC Token

The Polka City platform has its own native token designated as $POLC. $POLC is located on the ERC-20 and BEP20 networks. This token is used to pay for all products and services within the platform.  

All assets purchased by an investor are actually a contract. For this reason, the investor receives payouts on a weekly basis as long as he holds his assets. In addition, since Polka City is a multi-chain project, it is possible to invest in POLC and NFT assets in different chains.

Polka City NFT Marketplace

Polka City NFT Marketplace, which is an investment centre for investors, is a marketplace where the power of  decentralized finance is blended with NFTs and the assets where people can invest their capital in the metaverse are sold. Moreover, this Marketplace is multichain(ETH and BSC networks). There are various assets in this marketplace.

Polka City Marketplace's NFTs
Polka City Marketplace’s NFTs

Polka City  Team

The team of this project, the first steps of which were taken by Carmelo Milian in 2021, are priceless talents in the gamified market with their competencies and experiences. The members of the Polka City team have more than 10 years of experience in working on and supporting different fintech products. 

Polka City Team
Polka City Team

Polka City Road Map

Due to the fact that it has big goals, the roadmap of the Polka City project has been planned for a long time. To make a generalization by looking at the current roadmap, we are in the last quarter of the year 2022 at the time of writing this article. By this time, according to the start of the project set out in the roadmap, more than half of the project’s formation process has been completed. If we look at the promises made by the developers of the project on the roadmap, we observe that the project team has fulfilled its promises.


  • Polkacity Metaverse Beta Game Launch
  • New NFTS
  • Disco & Art Gallery Added To Metaverse
  • Top Tier Exchange Listing


  • Revamp City Layout
  • Portal Creation – Bridge From Polakcity To NFT/Worlds
  • Game Lobby Overhaul
  • Proximity Voice Chat Integration
  • Interactive Navigation
  • Open-Source Implementation
  • Bitcoin Mining Launch
  • New Website Launch


  • Game Launch
  • HYVE – Job Opportunities
  • Billboard – monetization
  • Gas Station – monetization
  • Carwash – monetization
  • Ready Player Me


  • All Land Vehicle NFTS
  • All Air Vehicle NFTS
  • All Water Craft NFTS
  • Airport NFT
  • NFT Vending Machine
  • Hot Dog Stand NFT
  • Bank NFT
  • Cable Car


  • Paintball Arena NFT
  • Shooting Range NFT
  • Gym NFT
  • Hotel NFT
  • Car Repair NFT
  • Electric Station NFT
  • VR Fork


  • AI Enabled
  • Stadium NFT
  • Shopping Center NFT
  • Barber Shop NFT
  • Car Rental
  • Aerial Combat Arena


Polka City Partners

Polka City Partners
Polka City Partners



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