Playbite and Polygon Collaboration

Playbite has announced a collaboration with Polygon to integrate its mobile gaming platform into the blockchain.

Playbite is a platform that has emerged against the structures that distort the way of enjoying and consuming mobile games. This project, which is a solution for consumers to spend 60% of their time to watch spam ads rather than playing games, offers users a mobile gaming platform experience that does not depend on aggressive advertising tactics. You play any game from Playbite’s ever-expanding library, and you earn tickets to play. And then you can use these tickets for all kinds of prizes. 

The Web3 movement, technology and values have provided Playbite with enormous opportunities while serving this mission. Playbite’s executives believe Polygon is the perfect platform for them to develop themselves. They are collaborating with the Polygon Studios team to make their vision a reality for millions of ordinary gamers around the world.

About Playbite

Playbite is a mobile gaming platform. Users can play fun games, earn points and redeem these points for all kinds of great rewards. Playbite passionately opposes the aggressive advertising tactics that have plagued mobile games for over a decade. Developers believe they can build a community of users and brand partners by bringing together incentives between the platform and the player.

About Polygon

Polygon is the leading blockchain development platform that offers scalable, affordable, secure and sustainable blockchains for Web3. The growing product line provides developers with an easy access to large scaling solutions, including L2.

Polygon’s scaling solutions have been widely adopted with over 37,000 decentralized applications hosted. It has over 1.94 billion transactions, over 164 million unique user addresses, and $5 billion secured assets. The network is hosting to some of the largest Web3 projects such as Aave, Uniswap, OpenSea. And also they are hosting some of the well-known companies such as Meta, Stripe and Adobe. Polygon is carbon neutral with the goal of leading the Web3 ecosystem to become carbon negative.

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