Pirates of Arrland: Let’s Go Pirates!

A brand new pirate world in metaverse. Firstly, do not expect to learn everything about that metaverse at the first look. There are too many different items, game types, map types, in a brief so many assets in the game. Literally, there are 20,000 different items to use; also they allows you to reach different features of the game. You have to have a pirate (Pirate avatar NFT) to play that game. Which is actually will be you in the game. But you can have multiple pirates in the game. There are different types of pirates which unlock other features of the Pirates of Arrland. 

This is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game in blockchain environment, but different. It is something like a MMORPG at the same time. You can build the character with enriching it, with items, battles you have win etc. Pretty much like mmorpg. There are different battle modes in the Pirates of Arrland that you can use your items, and more exicitingly, spells! I thought it is something like One Piece while observing that project :d You can make allies, battle as a grup, back-stab people and all.

The security of the assets in the game is ensured by Etherium cahin, the second layer of Immutable-X is allows you to omit gass fees when you transfer, create NFT Tokens. Basis of the arrland ecosystem is ERC-20, Tokens will be on the Polygon chain.

You can find all the details in their well-prepared white paper. They literally added every detail in the game such as movement among the islands as character and as ships etc. You should check their website and the whitepaper to know more about the game.


There is $RUM token that you can use in the game. It is a limited-supply, defiliationary utility token used to purchase in-game services. It fules to reward system in the Pirates of Arrland too. You will purchase islands, ships and every items in the Pirates of Arrland with that token. There is $ARRC token which is inflationary-deflationary token with unlimited supply. That means you will purchase minor game stuff with that token whihc are like potions, powe-up supplies etc.

%30 of the tokens are in the treasury 😀 You can check the TOKENOMICS by clicking there. It is also in their websites. 


Currently, we are in the Q3-2022 part at the roadmap. Now they have items of nft collection, purchasable. And you can see what do you own in their website by logging in with your wallet. Soon there will be presale of the private islands, whihc I think is really cool to have one. We see that the battleground beta is coming soon at Q4-2022. And metaverse will be built at 2024. There are still a way to go but from the beginning, so many things are obtained about Pirates of Arrland.

I can say when eveything is finished, it will be a significant game & metaverse in blockchain.  


I can say everyone in the team has a good background. I see that they are not just making a metaverse project, they want to build a game as they imagine. Marcin, the CO-CEO has 10 years of experience in game development. I did not surprised when I see him developing a game 😀

Team members as follows;

Marcin Bednarski – Co-CEO, Head of studio

Przemek Bliznak – Lead Front-End Developer

Mateus Balas – 2D Artist

Barttos Wieczorek – 3D Artist

Kamil Rogowski – C# Developer

Remigiusz Drobinski – Unity Developer



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