What Is PathDAO?

PathDAO, is the first game released on Cronos. It is a digital community platform that aims to include all players, without focusing on the past experiences of the players. Path Nation, is an independent platform. It aims to create a sustainable gaming community based on the wishes and needs of players on Web3. PathDAO, is a GameFi project with a strong team of experienced game developers, experienced entrepreneurs and game industry executives.

What is DGPals?

DGPals, it is a platform established to provide various advantages and opportunities to independent game developers. It allows players to share their ideas freely. It offers opportunities for players and developers within its own ecosystem.

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What is the World of Panterra?

Panterra, it has a parallel universe. DGPals and it includes explorers as two dominant species. Traditionally, explorers and DGPals, Forming a bond in the New World Program, begins a journey of discovery. It offers the experience of exploring an adventurous universe by exploring many diverse places such as cities, towns, farms and wild forests.

Introduction to DGEggs and DGVerse

By incubating your eggs in the New World, you can complete their development on the island of the New World. In the moments when you can not spare time in your everyday life, you will not have to protect your acquired assets. Who received approval to leave the New World Island DGP’s qualify to compete in the Arena Of Legends, which pits the strongest opponents against each other. DGP’ler levels up as they participate in battles, and according to the statistics of their victories, they will be entitled to unlock gifts and ability development.

PathDAO Co-Founder Jansen Teng said, ‘After playing Pokemon while growing up, it is a dream to open up to a similar 32-bit world on the blockchain. Also, the planned DGVerse is something we believe has great growth potential and I’m really excited to see where it goes!’’

DGPals Co-Founder Samson Oh, ‘We are very happy to have the support of PATHDAO and work together to build a sustainable Web3 gaming ecosystem for the community. There’s so much to look forward to collectively harnessing and unlocking GAMEFI’s vast potential!’’ he commented.

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Project Investors

The main investment round was supported by strong players within the industry. The tour, also led by Capital, Spartan Group, FineWill Cap, and Mighty Jaxx, was part of the inaugural program of the $100 million backed Cronos Accelerator Program.


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