Partnership of Fomoin x KOYÉ

    Fomoin, which offers the world’s most up-to-date and comprehensive crypto airdrops, serving as a launchpad and free resource, has announced its partnership with KOYÉ.

    Project Overview

KOYÉ is a P2E (play-to-earn) mobile game that will take you on a journey to a fascinating underwater world where you will have the opportunity to catch various supernatural sea creatures called “Koyés”.

Players will have the chance to win incredible prizes and surprises by hunting the Koyés, each of which has its own unique possibility of being caught and captured (taken down) with a weapon called ‘Turret’.

The owners of the project note that their games are designed to be quite fun and full of challenges, both for talented players and for people who want to kill time.

    The Vision of the Project

      Community First

For KOYÉ, the community always appears as the number one value judgment. The entire ecosystem, from NFT / token holders to players, is defined as a family. KOYÉ will contribute to the economy of family members through the revenue-sharing economic policy (revenue-sharing policy).

     Player-Centric System

KOYÉ wants to integrate the P2E mechanism into well-developed mobile games using blockchain technology. They will offer their worldwide players a high-quality casual game to play and earn at the same time.

    Fair and Just

The basic value is to provide a fair and balanced environment for the players. All codes will be shared with the community with all transparency. Everyone will have the same opportunity to get the maximum reward from the game.

    $KOYÉ Token Distribution

$KOYÉ token distribution
$KOYÉ Token Distribution

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