Partnership between PUNDIX and Infineon

In one hand, we have a brand that offers world first crypto POS, and the other hand, we have a company that have $11 billion dollars of revenue. Now, I see that Pundi X got itself a powerfull partner. Infineon is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. So they are pretty powerfull. 

More than Pundi X, ı am interested in the vision of Infineon. You should know that I have been pretty charmed from the companies which does not do a spesific thing. Infineon is that kind of a company. They want the future and they are trying to achieve them by working on AI, Industry 4.0, etc. They have opportunity, which is mostly money from somewhere, and they are investing o the things which are compatible to their vision. Like Pundi X

Pundi X is a project which has the vision of making the crypto currency used by more people by making it easy. They are mostly known as crypto POS machine project :d as the first ones who does that, I understand why they have been partnered up. 

So we have two future-shaping project. They are going to achieve their mission by helping each other. So I say keep looking to that Pundi X. 11 Billion is good revenue for a firm, who seem like a semiconductor company :d


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