Partnership Agreement Between GAGARIN Launchpad and MOVENS

    GAGARIN Launchpad has announced a new Launchpad partnership with MOVENS and announced that it will be launching its IDO.

    What is MOVENS?

    MOVENS became the first project to combine combat and sports features. They developed applications with Game-Fi and Social-Fi Element. MOVENS presented itself as a move-battle-earn project rather than a move2earn project.

    As a mobile application, MOVENS offers a full-fledged exercise monitoring and management solution by leveraging various technologies to accurately track and track exercise activity. MOVENS incorporates GPS tracking for distance measurements and blockchain technology to efficiently distribute rewards obtained by completing personal challenges.

    MOVENS will provide a number of opportunities to users who will be rewarded for their fitness efforts and achievements through a fair and sustainable reward system. Using powerful token usage and controlled NFT supply, as well as various burning and locking mechanisms, MOVENS will actively balance the rewards based on the growing number of users and ensure that incentives remain attractive without leading to excessive inflation.

    Their goal is to create a powerful application platform and ecosystem that will attract millions of new people to the world of crypto money through the development of various applications. They believe that it should be simple for people to experience the power of krypton and make a difference in their lives.


    MOVENS has a wide range of characteristics and qualities. As an example of these:


    Monsters appear every 12 hours with different amounts of HP. The system will automatically translate the steps you have collected and calculate them as damage. Players will be given a daily ticket to participate in the Boss Battle.


    In Certain Positions, the Crown Will Be Born. The crown has different tiers that determine its power, and depending on this tier, the waiting time may vary.


    The in-app wallets will have exchange, share and export functions with other wallets and to NFT Market. By offering crypto assets to the public, the community will be supported by Web3 training and the adoption of crypto will be ensured.


    Players can create clans or join clans. By joining a clan, players can interact and complete tasks together.

  1. Clan Tasks
  2. Team Tasks
  3. Sending Energy to Members
  4. Conversation

    In order to balance long-term sustainability with fair rewards, MOVENS will use various burning and locking mechanisms, as well as increasing benefits for the MVNS (and associated VNS) token over time.


    Humans are competitive creatures by nature. With this in mind, MOVENS will feature local and worldwide Leaderboards, allowing users to push their own boundaries and compete with other users if they want. Given the volume and visibility of the MOVENS platform, the leaderboard will also serve as a spotlight for the top performers and unlock potential sponsorship opportunities by sharing talented users with the world.

IDO Details

  • UPCOMING: Whitelist start 05.09.2022, 10:00AM- end 08.09.2022, 10:00AM
  • SWAPS: Swap start 09.09.2022, 10:00AM- end 12.09.2022, 10:00AM
  • CAN BE CLAIMED: Next claim 15 September
  • Rise Currency: BUSD
  • Exchange Rate: 1 MVNS = 0055 BUSD
  • Swap Amount: 000.000 MVNS
  • Total Rise:500$
  • Type of Claim: Claim on GAGARIN
  • Network: BNB Chain

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