Multichain – Step Network Integration

The Multichain platform has announced that it has been integrated into the newly launched StepApp Network application.

This integration has made it quite easy for users to distribute assets on the Step blockchain and use all Step products immediately. Additionally, Multichain integrated with the Step Network will open up unlimited DeFi possibilities for developers due to the ease of adding new protocols to the Step network.

Now users will be able to connect seven assets to the Step network: BNB, BUSD, DAI, ETH, USDC, USDT and WBTC. In addition, FITFI can be transferred between the Step network and Avalanche.

     The Right Timing

Step Network will deploy its core DEX, STEPEX, at the end of August. The launch goes through a fair launch Lockdrop. Multichain users will be able to move assets from Ethereum, BNB, Polygon or other networks to the Step Network. This will allow them to participate in Lockdrop and will allow them to receive free, unlocked StepEx tokens.

Since its inception, Multichain has introduced groundbreaking innovations in cross-chain transfer. This integration was another step towards the mission of developing an ideal multi-chain ecosystem with efficiently executed interoperability.

    About StepApp(FITFI)

Step Network is the first of its kind: a blockchain focused on experiencing life. In the first list, major products such as Step App, StepEx (DEX), Stepplaunch and core NFT infrastructure were launched on the market.

    About Multichain

On July 20, 2020, Multichain was launched as AnySwap to Decipher the need for communication between different blockchains. Multichain supports interoperability between different networks and realizes seamless asset and value transfers as a cross-chain architecture. Multichain has proven to be a leader in the cross-chain industry with an ever-growing family of non-EVM or EVM chains (currently 60).


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