Multichain and Paribus Partnership

The Cardano blockchain Paribus, a cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFTs, liquidity positions and synthetic assets, has announced its partnership with Multichain.  Paribus is excited to share its partnership with Multichain with the community so that the PBX token can now be bridged to Arbitrum, Milkomeda and Polygon.

multichain paribus partnership

Highlights in the Partnership

Paribus believes that cross-chain interoperability has always been at the heart of everything Decisively hoped to achieve and they have already reached this milestone. The development teams of both Paribus and Multichain have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this move, going beyond the wildest expectations.

multichain paribus

Multichain is the leader in terms of security, cross-chain speed and costs.  Since its inception, it has evolved from a 1:1 cross-chain bridge to an innovative cross-chain router system that connects multiple chains together. It offers an advanced and real-time Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP) system that supports the interoperability of tokens, NFTs and public data on multiple chains.

For PBX Token Holders

PBX owners, the minimum volume required for a transaction through the router between the chains of the bridge depending on which chain is among 2.847 among 9.412 with a PBX PBX. Similarly, the maximum amount per transaction is from 180,000,000 PBX to 2,747,026,344 PBX, again depending on the bridged chain.

We can say that the processing speeds are also incredible. Most transactions arrive within 10-30 minutes. However, larger transactions may take up to 12 hours to arrive. Deciphering a large transaction varies between 1,000,000 PBX and 549,405,268 PBX, depending on the chain it bridges.

For those who are not familiar with Multichain, they may remember its previous name, Anyswap, which was founded in July 2020. Anyswap started life as a cross-chain Decentralized exchange. It now provides a cross-chain router service with a strong track record in both speed and security, and has quadrupled transaction speeds Decently over time. Importantly for Paribus, they also carry out an unattended approach using Multi-Party Computing (MPC) technology. In practical terms, this allows users to keep all their private keys private during interactions with the bridge. 

About Paribus

Cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFTs, liquidity positions and synthetic assets, built for the Cardano blockchain. Dec.



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