The Sandbox COO Says That The Metaverse Needs to Be ‘Open’

Sandbox COO and co-founder Sebastien Borget emphasized that other metaverse companies such as Roblox and Fortnite do not allow users to freely move digital assets between platforms.

The Sandbox COO Says That The Metaverse Needs to Be 'Open'

The Sandbox COO Says That The Metaverse Needs to Be ‘Open’

According to Borget, the right to digital ownership is just one piece of the open metaverse. Users must also be able to bring their assets wherever they want.

He specifically appointed at this year’s NFT Paris: “That’s why we still need to say ‘open metaverse’ in opposition to the closed-walled garden platform.” 

The Sandbox was launched in 2012. It is a platform that enables users to purchase digital real estate as NFTs called LAND, which can then be customized and monetized in-game. Ownership of in-game assets is also extremely important. Unlike Web2 games, users should be able to move their creations or purchases from realm to realm and retain their digital property throughout.

“It is essential that users have true digital ownership of that content. They are the true owners of their avatar, but also their wearables, their equipment, their land, their house, and the content they create and earn as they engage.” – explained Sebastien Borget.

The Sandbox plans to hold its first concert later this year. Borget kept a low profile, revealing that the project has been “in the works” for quite some time. The Ethereum-based metaverse platform has already formed several relevant partnerships in the music industry.

The Sandbox COO Says That The Metaverse Needs to Be 'Open'

Major label Warner Music Group—the record label hosting artists such as Cardi B, Ed Sheeran, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers—opened a virtual outpost in The Sandbox in January 2022. The space was earmarked for use as a metaverse concert venue and amusement park. The move puts Sandbox once again in competition with rivals such as Roblox and Decentraland.

Roblox recently partnered with the NFL to host a virtual Super Bowl concert featuring vocal performances and motion-captured movements by hip-hop artist Saweetie. Decentraland launched Metaverse Festival in July 2021. It was the height of pandemic social distancing regulations. Held at KnownOrigin’s virtual headquarters in Decentraland, the festival featured performances by electronic music artists such as Ookay, SNBRN, Fred Thurst (aka Dr. Fresch), Autograf, and Win and Woo.


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