The New P2E Project: RetaWars

Retawars is the first game to form the basis of the Retaverse ecosystem, which tells the story of a war between two nations to obtain more Retarions, the legacy of the Creator.


Retawars is basically a P2E strategy game where two distinct factions fight each other for in-game resources. The goal of the players in this game, which also features NFT characters, is to contribute to their chosen faction and help it grow stronger. A well-coordinated faction will earn more income by winning more battles.


In Retawars, the first items players will encounter as NFTs are the heroes. The heroes in this game are designed as NFTs, and all the content revolves around them. Players progress with these NFT heroes by both generating resources and sending them into battle.   

Each hero in the game has five stats and five skills that are randomly assigned when they are first created. We should also mention that heroes’ abilities are determined based on their rarity.

The heroes in the Retawars are designed not to be perfect in every way. For this reason, players must keep a close eye on their abilities and place them where they can work most efficiently. 

In addition, heroes from Retawars will be available not only in Retawars but also in other games that will be added to the Retaverse.


Territories are areas given to players participating in RetaWars and are given to each player equally. These territories are equipped with basic facilities of the game, such as production facilities and barracks. In order to win the RetaWars war, players acquire resources to gain a large number of materials and combat power in their assigned territories. For this reason, players must strategize well when creating production plans in their assigned territories.

As we mentioned at the top of this article, players should deploy their heroes in their own regions according to their characteristics. In other words, deploying a hero in an area where he is efficient in resource production increases the player’s yield from the hero. There are five types of resources in RetaWars. These are as follows:

  1. Morale
  2. Military Secret
  3. Wood
  4. Ore
  5. Food

The resources produced in RetaWars have different uses. For example, players can use them to upgrade their buildings or make and sell weapons.


Weapons are NFTs that support and strengthen heroes in RetaWars. Weapons are rare and, depending on their use, can completely change a hero’s character traits.

Reta Wars

Reta War is a war in which players are divided into two factions, hence the name of the game. In this war, players are divided into two factions, forming troops and gathering resources to help their chosen faction emerge victorious. Reta War is a war simulation, at the end of which players earn $GRT tokens, the game’s main P2E reward.

One of the factors that determine the victory or defeat of this war is the votes of the players.


The developers of Reta Wars have adopted a dual token strategy in this game. The tokens used by the RetaWars ecosystem are $RETA and $GRT. While the $RETA token is used for governance purposes, $GRT is used as a community token.

$RETA token is a token running on the BNB chain. The usage areas of the $RETA token are as follows:

  • Used as currency for buying and selling NFT assets in the Marketplace.
  • Used as currency to buy NFT Islands.
  • By staking, you can receive a portion of the fees generated in the game.

The token distribution of the $RETA token is as stated in the table below.

RetaWars's Token
RetaWars’s Token

The $GRT token is used as a community token with a net supply, demand, and value. The uses of the $GRT token are as follows:

  • It is absolutely necessary when leveling up a hero.
  • It is necessary to significantly reduce the upgrade time of buildings.
  • Necessary for creating weapons and skins.
  • It can obtain through battle results in the Reta War. Alternatively, it can also trade on decentralized exchanges.


For those who are curious about the team behind the Reta Wars project, the project team consists of the following people:

  • Prol Lee – CEO
  • Ruka Lee – Lead Art Director
  • Lion J Jung – Server Developer
  • Jake Ahn – COO
  • Smoky Cho – Game Designer
  • Julio Kang – Client Developer
  • Cama Kim – Server Developer
  • Jason KDG Kim – Marketing Manager


RetaWars is a game where players from two different factions compete for more income and in-game resources. NFT elements are also included in this game. For example, the heroes in the game are NFTs. These heroes are one of the most basic NFT elements of the game. Players can contribute to their teams by developing NFT items and obtaining resources. 

The tokenomics model of RetaWars adopts a two-token model. One of these two tokens is referred to as the governance token, while the other is referred to as the community token.



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