The 2.0 Version of the Game My Neighbor Alice Was Presented to the Mainstream Audience

The blockchain social-based game My Neighbor Alice has gained popularity among users since its initial release and has now released its 2.0 version to mainstream audiences.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

In My Neighbor Alice, a multiplayer construction game, players can create and manage virtual plots, connect with nearby neighbors, and participate in fun daily tasks while earning in-game benefits. 

This completely decentralized social game works on blockchain technology and brings players together from different gaming communities and DeFi enthusiasts. Thus, successful gameplay allows its users to experience an engaging open-world game with narrated gameplay and built-in NFT marketplaces to encourage interaction and create opportunities for earning.

Features of My Neighbor Alice

The My Neighbor Alice video game created by Antler Interactive was introduced in March 2021. The main currency of the game is the token called ALICE. However, the game was created to promote the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and has received attention on a global scale.

About the Version 2.0

On December 16, 2022, version 2.0 of the game My Neighbor Alice was successfully released to the mainstream audience. The nine-month pre-alpha phase of the online game ended in September 2021, after which the game was released in June 2022. Since the first release of the game, its popularity continues to grow.

About My Neighbor Alice

The game is a social online multiplayer construction game and is built on Chromia blockchain technology. The project aims to develop a complete blockchain gaming environment that simplifies transactions within the NFT and gaming communities. 

On the other hand, a staking and leasing mechanism forms the basis of the technology used in the game. The system in question is currently being created and is planned to be launched next year. Thus, it will allow users to rent their NFTs for even more potential earnings. As a result, the game strives to maintain and grow a thriving community for diverse gamers while aiming to become a dominant leader in the blockchain gaming industry.


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