Lost Relics

Lost Relics is a blockchain–based ARPG (Action – Adventure Role-Playing) game created with Unity. The game is set in Talmuth, a vast open world full of dungeons and forests to explore.



There are a total of 15 different adventure types in the game, 5 of which are dungeons, 5 of which are forests, and 5 of which are deserts and beaches. In addition, new adventures may be added to these adventures in the future. 

The goal of the players here is to fight against monsters in different adventure modes and collect loot. All adventures feature equally rare items with challenging challenges.

Lost Relics Adventure Modes
Lost Relics Adventure Modes


There are weapons (Bow, Ax, Sword, etc.) that the players will use to defeat their opponents in the game. These weapons are all of different characteristics and rarity. In addition, the use and effect of weapons may vary depending on the mode being played. In addition, some of these weapons are off-chain, while some are on-chain.

Lost Relisc Weapons
Lost Relisc Weapons

There are explosive weapons in the game as an extra. These explosives are one of the types of equipment that can come in handy to take down groups of monsters in a short time. Like weapons, these explosives contain a variety in themselves (Effect, Duration of detonation, etc.) 


There are monsters with different names depending on the level of killability in the game. These monsters are distributed in different adventure modes. These monsters are the beings that players fight in the game. When players defeat these monsters, they can get new loots.

Lost Relics Monsters
Lost Relics Monsters

Royal Emporium (Marketplace)

The Royal Emporium is a virtual market of goods and allows you to exchange your in-game items with other players. There is a simple trading system here. Every item bought or sold comes from other players. The supply and demand for items comes entirely from the players. Items can be bought and sold using Gold Coins.

Lost Relics Marketplace
Lost Relics Marketplace


In Rost Lecis game, events are organized according to various times with prizes. Activities may vary according to time, type and awards. For example, events such as Christmas, Halloween. 


This is the table where the players are ranked by scoring the achievements they have achieved. Players can be rewarded according to their position here. The in-game activities whose success is evaluated on the LeaderBoard are; activities such as fishing, mining, scavenging, woodcutting, cooking, alchemy, and engineering forging.

Lost Relics Leaderboard
Lost Relics Leaderboard

Daily Tasks and Rewards

There are daily in-game tasks defined for players to do. Players can earn rewards when they complete these tasks. There are also daily login rewards to the game. Players are entitled to receive daily rewards determined by the game in exchange for entering the game every day. 

Lost Relics Gameplay

Users who want to play this game must first download the game from here and register. Players, when starting the game, first undergo a short game training. Players who have completed the training will receive the task of entering the Lost Relics dungeon for the first time. Bu bölümde oyuncular, bir yandan zindanı keşfederken diğer yandan da ateşen kaçınarak düşmanları öldürürek ganimet toplayabilirler.

Lost Relics Map
Lost Relics Map

The important point for the players here is that they need a strategy to get out of the dungeon. We can say that it is difficult to get out of the dungeon just by attacking enemies, as without having a strategy. 

There are two types of items in the Lost Relics. These are virtual and blockchain elements. Virtual items can be bought and sold at the Royal Emporium, the game’s own marketplace, while they can be purchased with in-game gold. Here, the in-game blockchain elements are managed by the Ethereum Blockchain. Players can trade these items from monsters, treasure chests, and high-level drop items as NFTs on the Opensea and Enjin market. 

Road Map

The roadmap of the game is not definitively shared, although it is not definitive and may change. Anything listed at the bottom is not a guarantee, but it has been shared to provide an overview of where the project is going. The road map indicated on the project’s website: 


  • 4 player PVE (co-op) Arena
  • Inverdhen
  • Pet progression


  • Housing
  • Bosses
  • 4 player PVE Adventures
  • 4 player PVP Arena


Lost Relics is a free-to-play game. Players do not have to pay anything in advance to play this game. They receive income from rewards in the game and from activities in the secondary market. Lost Relics is on the Ethereum blockchain network and there are four different tokens used in this game. Etheretum (ETH) is used as gas when a transaction takes place in the game. ENJ is the primary token on the Ethereum network, and players will pay a fee to transfer their ENJ to ETH. JENJ, on the other hand, is the JumpNet version of ENJ. The developers of the game have integrated Lost Relics with JumpNet to provide convenience to players. Thus, users can convert their ENJ to JENJ for free and transfer it to JUMPNET. Shadowstones is the in-game currency representing JENJ and can be used for market trading and barter purposes.


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