CDS Metaverse P2E Everything You Need to Know About KOF Arena
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Everything You Need to Know About KOF Arena

Everything You Need to Know About KOF Arena

You can fight with fighters from all over the world in real-time. KOF Arena is waiting for its champion, who will create the strongest team and defeat everyone!

What is KOF Arena?

The King of Fighters Arena (KOF Arena), developed by Netmarble, is a free-to-download multiplayer fighting game for Windows and Android/iOS devices. The game is based on the famous King of Fighters series. This game features all characters from KOF ’94 to KOF XV. It differs from Netmarble‘s previous King of Fighters All-Star F2P KOF in that it is much more PVP focused (1v1 and 3v3 modes), uses blockchain, NFT game assets, cryptocurrency (MBX Coin), and implements play-to-earn mechanics. 

How Does the Summoning System in the Game Work?

The Gacha game, The King of Fighters ARENA, uses built-in gachapon principles to summon fighter cartridges. Although it is free to use and play in all game modes, players must call each fighter’s cartridge. For each fighter in the summoning mechanism known as “Summon“, these fighter cartridges are offered at certain base prices. Players can unlock this system as soon as they complete their training.

Combat Mechanics

Games like The King of Fighters ARENA are great for combat. Although there is usually no background story or voice acting in such games, they offer an extremely engaging combat experience that encourages players to dominate in battles. Most of the players participate in 1v1 matches, in which each of them will choose a hero to compete against the opponent’s choice.


Swiping your character left or right will allow you to move around the battlefield. But the controls will vary depending on whether you are using a controller or a keyboard.

Basic Attack

Each fighter in the game has a unique set of basic attacks. All the heroes in The King of Fighters ARENA are in close combat range at the moment, which makes it much simpler to face the opponent and hit them. You should keep in mind that you will be temporarily unable to move, as you will be stunned when attacked. A talented fighter will always try to keep you in this area. In this sense, it is advantageous to make the first move.

Combo Attack

A combo attack is a sequential of basic attacks. To perform a series of basic attacks, players can press the attack button repeatedly or hold down the button for a long time.

Finisher/Ultimate Ability

Some of the most powerful abilities every fighter has are the finisher and ultimate moves. Each of these skills consumes a certain amount of Power Gauge (PG). All fighters have a fixed cooldown of two seconds and a damage multiplier of 60 seconds. When you attack the enemy or are attacked by the enemy, your Power Gauge fills up instantly. When defending against an attack from your enemy, a different currency known as Guard Gauge (GG) is activated. Depending on the attack sustained and the fighter you use, you will gain different amounts of PG and GG.


Guard is an ideal mechanic to reduce the attack of your opponents. Thus, it significantly reduces the incoming damage. Additionally, players have the option to turn on the Auto-Guard feature, which will help novice players properly defend against a range of combination attacks at exactly the right time.

Dodge/Emergency Dodge

The dodge button, indicated by a running stick figure in the lower right corner of the screen, can be used by players. Just press the button to escape from the oncoming blows.


Escape is one of the best elements that The King of Fighters ARENA brings because it gives every player a chance to escape from the enemy’s hands instead of being constantly cornered and attacked. The disadvantage is that players have to spend 1 PG to escape.

MAX Mode

MAX mode is triggered when you tap the big yellow button located on the right side. MAX mode is only available when your collected PG is more than 2. While in MAX mode, the PG requirement for using Finisher and Ultimate decreases, while the damage to the opponent’s GG increases.

Currencies in the Game

The currencies used in KOF Arena, which are also different from other Gacha games, provide a better understanding of the game’s systems.

Fighter Mastery

Every fighter in The King of Fighters ARENA should prioritize Fighter Mastery as it improves gameplay. Think of it as the equivalent of leveling up your champions in other RPG/Gacha games. Each fighter is associated with a certain skill. Users can access the fighter mastery screen from the left side of the main screen.

You can use Mystic Cube, FM (Fight Money), or Mastery Points to improve the fighter. If the improvement is effective, your fighter‘s status increases by one, but if it fails, it decreases by one.

The FCT (Fighters’ Club Token)

The King of Fighters ARENA‘s utility token for the MARBLEX platform is FCT (Fighters’ Club Token). Users can freely use FCT outside the game by converting the FM (Fight Money) earned from the game into FCT.

Road Map

The road map drawn for the game have of 4 phases. In the image above, you can clearly see the stages of all phases.


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