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Just as people and institutions who are just getting acquainted with blockchain technology and crypto currencies have trouble understanding them, the same is the case with P2E games. City States Medieval is a project designed for exactly these people, players with little or no knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

City States: Medieval Logo
City States Medieval Logo

City States Medieval is a cross-platform and blockchain-based MMO game being developed for mobile and desktop play, where players can build an empire. It is a game in which players can build cities and raise the level of buildings and troops as they progress. In this game, the developers of the project give players the freedom to build anything they want, wherever and whenever they want, to provide a personalized game style. 

Gameplay of City States Medieval

Every player who is new to the game starts the City States Medieval story with access to some terrains with various types of terrain and a castle. In the following processes, users who want to raise their levels and build better structures should set up a production facility for some basic resources such as wood and food to feed their ‘Pops’ and the city population. By upgrading their castle in the game, players will be able to unlock new buildings, thus allowing their existing buildings to be further upgraded, while at the same time increasing the demands of their population. Players need to decide which resources they want to focus on as their city grows. While the workers in the game will initially demand pay with food, they will later request more advanced payments such as gold coins. In addition, for Pops to be able to do their job, it is also necessary to provide them with several tools. 

As the cities get bigger, the player will run out of land to build on, and he needs to start collecting military units to clear the bandit camps located nearby. These act as a progression mechanic, while at the same time teaching the player the basics of combat, preparing players to fight against other players. After a player defeats a bandit camp, the terrain they control becomes available to the player to build. 

One of the structures that the players develop in the city is the forges. Forges can be equipped with your squads. These not only provide progress in terms of raw power, but also offer the player the chance to customize how his army works by choosing equipment with certain statistics. 

In addition, players will also be able to recruit their heroes if necessary. Heroes have abilities that can improve the player’s army both passively and actively. These abilities come in the form of buffing units, weakening enemies, or creating combos that can, for example, allow a team to take an additional action while inflicting large amounts of damage.

City States Medieval in Game Item
City States Medieval in Game Item

Game Mechanics

PvP Mode

It is the game mode in which players match up to fight with other players of similar rankings. Here, when a player partially or completely eliminates the opposing player, they take some of their opponent’s items as loot. Approximately 25% of the dropped loot is assigned to the winning player. 

Depending on the ranking difference, players will receive or lose points for the global leaderboard depending on whether they win or lose. The Global Leaderboard is also divided into leagues.

Clan and Global Clan Mode

City States Medieval is a mode where everyone can create and invite others to their clan and create an alliance together. Also here, in addition to the usual global clans, there will be local clans. Players can form local clans through diplomacy and domination of other nearby players.

Clans are paired with each other. Each clan member can form a team, and then try to capture or defend 5 important points against the opposing clan. At the end of the day, the team that has taken control of three or more landmarks wins and earns points for the clan leaderboard.


$HEX Token
$HEX Token

The main focus of the project developers at City States Medieval is to create a sustainable and balanced economy that grows in value over time. City States Medieval The native token of the game is $HEX, and its total supply is 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion). $HEX is used in every trade, buy and sell transactions in the game. HEX is a token on the Stellar Network that can be purchased through IAPs or collected by generating resources and trading intelligently.


The team of City States Medieval is from all over the world and works on a global scale. If we look at the core team: 

  • Abelardo Pastor (Philippines) – Co-Founder, CEO
  • Dirk Pollmann (Germany) – Idea and concept, COO, game design, team management, finances, marketing
  • Fabio Pineda (Venezuela) – Web-Development
  • Riccardo Triglia (Italy) – Composer
  • EIN_ART – Character concepts and Card-design
  • Abimael Gonzales – 3D modeling, icons, UI



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