Big Time

Big Time, which has a strong staff, is a multiplayer action RPG game that is still in development. In this game, which is in the concept of Free to Play, players fight to defeat their enemies to win prizes. 

What is Big Time?

Big Time is a role-playing game set in a world called Time’s End. Here, players explore ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations throughout history while fighting. In this game, which is Free to Play, players fight their enemies and earn rewards by collecting loot and tokens that are available as NFTs.

The Story of the Game

As time begins to die and destroy planets in space, everyone flees to a world called Time’s End, the last place of refuge in the universe. With the arrival of everyone, the population on the planet increases a lot. Here, a company called ‘Paradox Cooporate’ sells ‘Time Collisions’ that allow Time’s End residents to live in a past where they can come and go as quickly as through a door. Until it became clear that Time Collisions accelerated the end of the universe. 

Unwilling to surrender to fate, the greatest minds of history join forces and establish the Evermore Academy. This institution is an institution dedicated to the defence of time. This is exactly where players come into play, playing a time traveler.

In-Game Items 

The items contained in the Big Time game may vary because the game is currently in the pre-Alpha period. The items and equipment in the current layout in the game consist of the following: 

  • Pocket Watches: Pocket Watches are self-contained characters and inventory.
  • Gears: A piece of hardware that attaches to Pocket Watches. Some give additional abilities and stats bonuses. Gears can be purchased on portals or from sellers.
  • Weapons: Weapons will have various statistics and will be more or less effective against various types of defence. 
  • Armour: Armor has various statistics and bonuses that are given when wearing. 
  • Bags: Items that give you additional inventory slots and attribute bonuses depending on the level and rarity of the bag. 
  • Consumables: Consumables that the player can use according to their needs (energy replenishment, Health level replenishment, etc.) are elements.


The photo below shows how to control the Big Time game with the keyboard and mouse.

Big Time Game Controls
Big Time Game Controls

Players who want to play the Big Time game must first determine which server to play on after logging in to the game and log in to the game. After logging in, you will need to choose your class. Players who wish can customize their controls as we mentioned above. Now everything is ready for you to start the game, you can start the game. When the players start the game, the game defines tasks that will help this beginning to the player, these tasks: 

  1. Exploring the Town: It will ask you to follow the yellow marker that leads to the town square.
  2. Finding the first Adventure Portal (also called a dungeon). It will ask you to proceed north.

Players who complete these missions will need to find themselves a group or party, as the game is still suitable for a group-based game experience at these stages. Here, players must press the ‘P’ key to find the party or group and make sure that the ‘Group Search’ feature is active. Here groups can invite you, or you can invite your friends or other players to a party group. 

Players who make up their group or are included in a group can go north to the seashore or south to the forest to find portals close to their level. By fighting on the portals, you must defeat the enemies who will provide pocket watches, weapons, bags and NFTs. 


Big Time Economy Reveal
Big Time Economy Reveal

The Big Time game is a Free to Play concept game and the game is built to be a Cosmetic Based Economy. To elaborate on this, world-renowned games that we all know usually produce the character, additionally produce a skin for it and sell it to the player. Big Time, on the contrary, gives its players this authority, allowing players to customize characters and earn income from it. 

Below are a few items that you can buy, sell and trade to earn income in the Big Time game. These are;

  • Weapons and armor: The open marketplace contains weapons of rarity ranging from common to legendary.
  • Boxes and bags: These contain a variety of weapons, armour and more that you can use in the game.
  • Characters: Besides the avatars you play with, you will also need characters like the Time Keeper to unlock new adventures and earn tokens. You can acquire them in-game or buy these characters from the market.

The Big Time game will have a local token called $TIME. This token will only be a token that players can earn by defeating enemies in the game. The token will not be distributed to any of the teams developing the game, it will not be sold to investors. This token will only be available as an in-game resource only after the global launch of the game. 


When we look at the team behind the Big Time game, first of all, we should say that the team of the game is involved in world-famous well-known game companies and games. In addition, the team is located around the world.

Big Time Team
Big Time Team


Big Time is a role-playing game set in a world called Time’s End. Here, players explore ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations throughout history while fighting. In this game, which is Free to Play, players fight their enemies and earn rewards by collecting loot and tokens that are available as NFTs. When we look at the items that the players who will play in this game, where there are many items, will use the most and will be most useful when playing; Pocket watches, gears, weapons, armor, bags, consumables. When its economic structure is examined, the Big Time game is a Free-to-Play game and the game economy is a ‘Cosmetic Based Economy’ model. The team that created the project consists of people from all over the world who have previously worked in world-famous companies and games. 


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