CDS Metaverse P2E A Guide to Playing Crabada
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A Guide to Playing Crabada

A Guide to Playing Crabada

The world of Crabada, inhabited by wild crabs, is an interesting and futuristic NFT play-and-win game. Players can earn rewards by participating in activities such as mining, looting, crafting, warfare, and exploration to rediscover the Crabada Kingdom.

What is Crabada?

Because it is an idle game built on Avalanche, users can play whenever and wherever they want without interrupting their daily life. In addition to entertainment, the game also offers financial benefits to its users.

What is the Purpose of the Game?

The core gameplay of the game and the Crabada NFT assets are combined to make for an engaging and undeniably fun experience. The aim of the game is to popularize an original play-and-earn concept through idle gameplay equipped with a different PvMP (player versus player).

To increase their power within the system, users can mine, loot and breed their own $CRA. However, holders of governance tokens are encouraged to use their talents to influence the future of the kingdom and determine its course.

Tavern System

The tavern system in the game can be used for two different functions. The first of these is hiring crabs. If a player does not have a Crabada, the player can rent it from there by going to the tavern. Once rented, a Crabada will support you in battle. However, after the war is over, Crabada returns to the tavern you rented.

The other function is to loan crabs. A player can leave his non-active Crabada at the tavern. Thus, the left Crabadas are included in the Crabada pool that can be rented. A borrowed Crabada has a cooldown before it can be borrowed once again after taking part in a battle as a reserve. As long as they don’t get into conflict, players can withdraw their Crabadas.


Much attention has been paid to the economics of the Crabada token. For example, there are currently 3 tokens, each of which has a specific purpose. While TUS is the in-game currency and primary token for breeding and trading crabs, the CRA is the token you will want in the long run. As well as being used to improve team operations, CRAM can also be used to purchase lottery tickets for weekly draws that yield powerful and expensive crabs.

Road Map

The successful future of the game is largely predictable thanks to the roadmap.


The game team demonstrated its capabilities with a flawless and successful launch. The team also demonstrated that they are incredibly talented and wise in how they approach problems.

Oxtender (Co-Founder)

Oxtender is responsible for all business activities in the game. With more than four years of experience working on blockchain solutions, he has held product management positions covering digital exchange and cloud backup businesses.

Jay (Co-Founder)

Jay is responsible for product design at the game. Jay, who has many years of experience in the fields of UX/UI and product development, most recently worked as a product designer at Binance.

Fuji (Co-Founder)

Fuji is responsible for blockchain engineering at the game. Since 2016, he has held various positions in the blockchain industry, including the installation of smart contracts and the modification of Ethereum.

NH (Co-Founder)

In the game, NH is responsible for backend development. He has gained experience on many cryptocurrency projects at Infinity Blockchain Labs over the past four years and has a total of 10 years of experience in this field.


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