Meta’s Metaverse Project Horizon Worlds Did Not Receive the Expected Attention

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, founded under the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg, had launched its own Metaverse project, Horizon Worlds. The number of monthly active users predicted by Meta for Horizon Worlds was 500,000. But the project did not receive the expected attention. According to the current data, the number of monthly active users of Horizon Worlds is below 200,000. The fact that this number is far below Meta’s expectations seems to be a bad picture for Meta and future Meta projects. That’s why Meta has cut its ambitious target of 500,000 monthly active users by almost half to 280,000.

Interestingly, Meta has 3.5 billion monthly active users on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, despite having a user-attracting problem in the Metaverse world. According to these data, the rapid decline of Metaverse projects such as Horizon Worlds after their rapid rise in recent years shows that the interest in Metaverse projects is decreasing.

Horizon Worlds
Horizon Worlds

Users can access Horizon Worlds through Meta’s Quest virtual reality glasses. However, many users stop using their Quest device 6 months after purchase. In fact, as in many Metaverse projects, users are given a lot of opportunities. While users with Quest devices have the opportunity to shop, party and play many games in Horizon Worlds, the fact that there are almost no users of the created virtual worlds suggests that this is due to the high cost of the Quest device.

Meta said in a statement that it has decided to stop Horizon Worlds until it improves the user experience. The mobile and desktop application plans for Horizon Worlds, which we are currently experiencing only in VR, seem to be on hold for now.


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