MatrixLabs Integrates Arbitrum

Matrix Labs DEX Aggregator Matrixswap integrates Arbitrum, this layer 2 blockchain called Optimistic Rollup, which is located on Ethereum.

What is Layer 2?

It is a well-known fact that scalability is an issue on the Ethereum blockchain. Layer 2 targets include significant changes to reduce network congestion and gas fees, and increase the number of verifiable transactions in layer 1.

About Arbitrum


Arbitrum, founded and developed by Offchain Labs, is an Ethereum scaling solution system that provides high-efficiency and low-cost smart contracts scaling L2 solution that will create a new era on the Ethereum network. And it has three modes;

  • AnyTrust Channels
  • AnyTrust Side Chains
  • Arbitrum Summation

If we think on the basis of Ethereum, the Rollup chain is positioned and secured on the ethereum blockchain.In Ethereum, these data and transactions are recorded daily.

If we look at the broad framework, we can say that Arbitrum interaction is the same as Ethereum interaction.

Arbitrum is growing rapidly with the various partnerships and integrations it has made itself. With its low cost and fast transaction speeds, it is one of the fastest growing L2s on Ethereum.

About Multi-Chain Matrixswap

Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Moonriver, Moobeam, Phantom, Cronos, Cardano and Arbitrum can trade their assets on the multi-chain. You can enjoy the convenience and originality provided by Matrixswap.

About Matrix Labs

Matrix labs
Matrix labs

The main purpose of Matrix Labs is to minimize the risk, maximize the returns, as well as to create a DEFI ecosystem for this purpose.

The purpose of Matrix Labs products is to capture the demand that is not met in DEFI and is focused on public and transparent user satisfaction with its originality.

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