Mask Network and Lens Protocol Cooperation

Mask Network is pleased to announce its collaboration with Lens Protocol, a formable and decentralized social graph.

The need and expectation for Web3 social networks is increasing. This trend towards a more open, transparent social graph, where digital data, target audience and content assets can belong to users, is benefiting content creators, developers and many more. Mask Network and Lens Protocol have a common vision and are ready to show such a vision at the product level they will reveal.

In the future, they plan to cooperate closely together and move forward with product integration from both sides; Mask Network will bring and take advantage of Lens’ combinability and open source code, allowing users to follow, like Lens content on top of Mask’s main products, such as the browser extension and the upcoming Web3 information feed mobile application. To start this collaboration, Lens Protocol will distribute around 3,000 Lens handles to the Mask Network community.

mask and lens collaboration
Mask Network and Lens Protocol Cooperation

About Mask Network and Lens Protocol

The Lens Protocol is a decentralized, unattended social graph. Lens web2 similar to the widely understood social media interaction, unique, top chain implements the mechanisms of social interaction, but with unique functionality that allows you to build communities and participants to have their own social graph is extended significantly.

Mask Network aims to connect Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0 by bringing the amazing decentralized application ecosystem to traditional social networks. The Mask extension provides a decentralized option for features that Web 2.0 users are familiar with. Users can enjoy secure, decentralized social messaging, pay networks, file storage and file sharing without leaving mainstream social media networks. Users can take a look at the magic of the Web 3.0 world in an easy and effortless way. Mask Network believes strongly in the economics of property. People should own what they produce, their data, their attention and the virtual space in which they choose to contribute.


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