Lithium Finance x Cyan Partnership

    Lithium Finance has announced its partnership with Cyan, a buy-now-pay-later platform for bluechip NFTs. Under the partnership, Lithium will serve as a key partner in the quest to optimize the process of evaluating NFTs.

The partnership aims to optimize the NFT pricing department, allowing a third party to access independent valuation, with the ability for borrowers to access the actual LTV and valuation for off-base items.

By providing extra liquidity relative to the actual LTV/Valuation, the partnership will further increase NFT financialization.

Therefore, when using NFTs as collateral, each party can manage the risk in a more appropriate way and allow more capital to be distributed to the market.

Since the platform is still in its initial stages, it is difficult to find a reliable NFT evaluation value due to the lack of liquidity, volatility and, ultimately, the difficulty of measuring the perceived value of each participant.

The Lithium – Cyan partnership will be the first step in filling this gap and will provide Cyan users with a highly effective evaluation platform supported by Lithium’s collective intelligence model. Also, NFT holders can use Cyan to pledge their assets at a value closer to the market price rather than the base price. The duo believes the move will further align the interests of borrowers and lenders.

    About Lithium Finance

Lithium Finance is the first decentralized asset pricing mechanism powered by collective intelligence. Their mission is to bring together market participants to predict the pricing of illiquid assets on demand.

    About Cyan

Cyan, a Buy Now, Pay Later service for the metadata repository, is the first protocol to provide financing options for buying NFTs. The protocol also provides secured loans on NFTs and vaults for capital providers to generate returns from financing these assets.


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