Legend of Aria’s IDO is on the Starlaunch Launchpad

        StarLaunch will host the upcoming IDO Public Sale for Legends of Aria, an advanced MMORPG game that aims to progress on-chain.   

Legend of Aria

Legends of Aria will be an ultimate fantasy metaverse where players will step into a vast world where they can own land, build their own virtual home and use a variety of skills to earn virtual assets that can be printed and resold as NFTs.

legend of aria gameplay
Image 1: Legend of Aria’s gameplay
legend of aria gameplay
Image 2: Legend of Aria’s gameplay

The Economics of the Game

Legends of Aria’s ARIA token will be deflationary and will provide management in the game. With ARIA to work as the main commercial instrument, Legends of Aria will have a sustainable single-token economy. When ARIA tokens are spent in-game, they will be burned, thereby depleting the supply.

It will not be possible to obtain ARIA tokens in the game unless you win certain contests or in-game events. Instead, players will be able to earn money by collecting in-game items (such as rare weapons or armor) and then selling those items on the NFT market (almost all assets in the game can be minted and resold as an NFT).

    In-Game Utility

  • Players will have to hold a small amount of ARIA tokens to participate in community events.
  • $ARIA will be one of several different purchase currencies available in the in-game store and NFT marketplace.
  • Guild Charters can only be purchased by spending ARIA tokens.
  • Jail Exit Pass: Purchasing a pass will allow you to leave jail with a clean slate, spending varying amounts of ARIA tokens depending on the severity of your sentence.
  • Product Insurance System
  • Government: The new version of the LOA will give players responsibility for new systems such as prison, casinos and housing taxes. The community leader server Governor will be elected by vote.
  • Players who want to run for governor will spend a large amount of ARIA tokens to qualify for the nomination.
  • To vote in the governor election, your character needs to spend a small amount of ARIA tokens.


It will allow token holders to stake their tokens and lock their tokens for a certain period of time to ensure a guaranteed profit.

Staking Schedule

  • 1 year = 25% APR
  • 2 years =30% APR
  • 3 years = 35% APR


ARIA token holders will be allowed to vote to determine the future of the project. One ARIA token will be equal to one vote, so the more tokens you have, the more say you will have in choosing the direction of the project. Wallets with more than 250,000 arias can offer a vote.

    Public Sale

  • Raise amount: $75,000
  • Public Sale price: $0.035
  • Vesting: 15% unlocked at TGE, 17% monthly for 5 months
  • Burn window: August 22nd, 4:00 PM UTC – August 24th, 4:00 PM UTC
  • Whitelist sale: August 25th, 4:00 PM UTC — August 26th, 4:00 PM UTC
  • FCFS sale: August 26th, 4:01 PM UTC
  • Listing: August 27th 2PM UTC

    About Starlaunch

StarLaunch is a unique and dynamic incubator and launchpad that connects promising Solana projects with initial backers and a network of important partners. The team works by prioritizing its community. StarLaunch brings extensively vetted projects to its community and protects IDO participants through an in-house insurance program.




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