Developing an open protocol that allows assets to be transferred quickly and securely between multiple blockchains, Kima announced on July 26, 2022, that it has received a $1 Million Investment from BlockChange in Tel Aviv. 

Kima, which is engaged in activities that are important for the development of Defi, prioritizes efficient liquidity management. It also combines DeFi and TradFi by enabling low–fee crypto – Fiat exchanges through open and closed ramps connecting decentralized and traditional financial channels.

With its new and cost-effective approach, Kima offers high returns to liquidity providers, providing active liquidity management, adaptive rewards and more. This protocol also makes it easier for people to take advantage of and use Web3 applications based on/using several blockchains.

“Kima is transforming the nature of DEFI and the reputation of crypto by introducing a new approach to security and unparalleled efficiency,” said Eitan Katz, CEO of Kima. Blockchange’s support will help us deliver our protocol and make our solutions available to more TradFi and DeFi organizations around the world.”

Ken Seiff, Managing Partner of Blockchange Ventures, said, “Kima solves an existential problem that few companies in the DeFi space have faced over the past few months – adding to the lack of secure and convenient mechanisms to transfer assets between different blockchains. “We are proud to support Eitan and its team in their mission of creating a safer, fluid and efficient DeFi ecosystem that will directly alleviate these burdens and directly alleviate these burdens.”

This latest round of investment will help Kima to develop its groundbreaking protocol, grow and develop its expert team and expand its global operations. 

CEO Eitan Katz said, “The need for interoperable solutions to blockchain challenges will continue to be instrumental as the DeFi market matures with recent market conditions. We are creating a protocol that will have numerous use cases for various entities, both in the Web3 space and in other sectors.”

About Kima

Kima Protocol unifies DeFi by providing an open infrastructure and building blocks for cross-chain applications. It is a first-of-its-kind liquidity protocol that will completely replace insecure blockchain bridges and inefficient token wrapping. With Kima’s secure liquidity protocol, Deci products and companies will be able to move crypto/tokens between 1:1 blockchains, which form the basis of a new generation of sophisticated financial products in the crypto ecosystem. Led by a team of Web3 experts, Kima unlocks access to liquidity on any blockchain.

About BlockChange

Blockchain is an intergenerational technology exchange that will allow companies to do things that were not possible before.  We support founders with visions as big and bold as the blockchain itself. BlockChance Ventures, which has its mentality, is a leading digital asset investment company designed to invest in the first rounds of the largest blockchain results. Blockchange has supported more than 70 companies in the blockchain space, including Polkadot, Solana, Filecoin and more.


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