Kala Network happily announces its new collaboration with Runnowio. This cooperation will take place with a relocation project.

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Project Overview

Runnowio, comes up with a GameFi application that uses the winning mechanism to promote healthy work and earn achievements. In this project, it is remarkable that there will be a successful cooperation with Kala Network. 

Physical fitness is a prerequisite for a good mind and a good body. By participating in multiple sports and competitions, you can improve your physical health, win valuable in-game prizes, connect with communities around the world and easily support those in need in this way. In this project, this physicality comes to the forefront. Runnowio’s overall vision can be said to be to design a healthier place to both exercise and earn. In short, the main objective of the project is progressing accordingly. 

The Main Features of the Project

It is possible to earn coins by running, cycling and swimming in this project. To earn tokens, you will also need a certain amount of energy. In the project, each energy proceeds equivalent to one minute of movement time. There is a ranking 24 hours a day with 1 ranking per hour. In short, the leaderboard is shaped accordingly. The artificial intelligence system corresponding to each user gives tasks belonging to the NFT on a daily basis. These tasks earn the user points. Every Saturday, a marathon will start every 30 minutes. There are 3 types of races that users can participate in, including 3km, 5km and 10km. The values of these prizes to be won in cycling, running and swimming will vary. Thanks to this mode, you can challenge and compete with everyone you have added to your friend list. You can increase the excitement coefficient even more with the random tournament mode in running, cycling and swimming. The bet and win feature can also be used with the owned tokens. Connecting to a device and a fitness app Runnowio, it will also monitor your sleep quality and duration to pay you. There is also a learning section where the right exercises and practices will be done. 

In short, we can say that the cooperation between Kala Network and Runnowio was crowned with a very nice project.

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