Juno Finance, a Web3-Based Banking Platform, Has Raised $18 Million in Funding

Juno has announced that it has raised $18 million in a Series A funding round. The funding was led by ParaFi Capital’s Growth Fund and saw participation from numerous backers, including Greycroft, Antler Global, Hashed, Jump Crypto, Mithril, 6th Man Ventures, Abstract Ventures and the Uncorrelated Fund.

Ryan Navi, Director of ParaFi Capital “It has a team that has a deep understanding of both Fintech and crypto. Seamlessly integrating crypto and Web3 in a checking account, a trusted and familiar interface for millions of Americans, can help new users join Web3.”

In the crypto world recently, banking platforms are also increasing day by day. The reason for this is that, especially in DeFi-oriented investments, the security is at the lower levels and the risk is at the upper levels, and secure banking systems are being built to prevent this. One of these systems, Juno Finance, is launching its tokenized program with the funds it has collected.

Juno Finance is a startup that provides crypto enthusiasts with checking accounts and allows them to receive their paychecks with digital tokens.

The one and a half year initiative has brought together more than 75,000 clients in the US who receive their salaries (some of them completely, some partially) from crypto and invest decisively in digital assets every month.

About Juno Finance

Juno Finance
Juno Finance

Juno is located at the intersection of banking and crypto. It is a digital banking platform that offers a high-yield checking account. This includes the option to make a direct deposit in a Juno Crypto Account or any wallet of your choice and receive part or all of your cash salary in crypto (BTC, ETH or USDC). Juno is an extension of our Debit Card, Checking Account and Crypto Account, so you can make daily purchases using Cash or Crypto (USDC) on the go.

The Juno Checking Account (holds USD deposits) is backed by Evolve Bank & Trust and is FDIC insured up to $250,000.

The Juno Checking Account is free of charge. Juno currently offers a fee of 0.5% for stablecoin trading and 1% for unstable currency trading. However, you can use 100 JCOINS to get a 100% discount on stablecoin trading and a 50% discount on non-stablecoin trading. Deposits and withdrawals of crypto money on our platform are also free. The Checking Account can be used by people in the United States.

Tokenized Loyalty Program

Juno, which raised a seed fund of $3 million last year, is introducing an ERC20 token called JCOIN as a start-up for an optional loyalty program, which will be rewarded to customers based on their use if they choose to. Remarkably, the Juno co-founders, employees and investors also do not receive any allocations of tokens to avoid conflict of interest, in contrast to the way a significant number of industry players work.

First-Class Investors

Juno Finance
Juno Finance


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